How to Properly Clean Concrete Surfaces in Your Backyard

How to Properly Clean Concrete Surfaces in Your Backyard


Most of us clean the patio furniture and wash the cushions, but we often neglect the floor! A lot of us don’t think to clean concrete surfaces but you can do it and make it look new.

Concrete surfaces in the backyard can really take a beating throughout the seasons as they endure all kinds of weather, dirt, and debris.  So if it’s time to give it a good clean, start with a good old sweeping and then try out the tips outlined below.

Clean Concrete with Detergent

Clean Concrete - use dishwashing liquid and coarse mop

If your concrete surfaces are only mildly dirty, the best thing to do is wash them with a mixture of water and mild dishwashing liquid. Clean the concrete with a coarse mop, rinse it off and let it air dry. 

Before starting, make sure you remove all plants so they don’t get damaged. Spray the concrete floor with water and then apply a cleaning solution Coat the surface, let it sit a few minutes, and then scrub it with a nylon brush. Rinse it off and the result will be a sparkly clean concrete patio.

However, if there are more prominent stains, such as mold or gunk, you should give bleach a go. Use ½ cup of bleach in a gallon of water for the solution and follow the same steps above.

Grease stains are best treated with a store-bought degreaser, but you don’t want to risk discoloration of your concrete due to the harsh chemicals. Therefore, it’s wise to conduct a test in a small secluded area to see if there is potential damage. If the cleaning product is too strong, use a more diluted solution.

The Magic of a Pressure Washer

Clean Concrete - pressure washer

The quickest and easiest way to have your concrete patio and pathways super clean is to use a power washer. It’s very easy to use and sweeps away all the dirt in an instant!

Make sure you stay safe while using it by wearing protective gear, such as gloves, boots, and eyewear, as the water is extremely powerful and will hurt your skin severely if it comes into contact. Go steadily along the patio and paths, making sure you cover all the gaps, grime, and mold.

For the most stubborn dirt and stains, you might opt for an efficient concrete floor grinder, which is another mighty, multi-purpose cleaning tool you can use. It’s excellent for grinding away heavy-duty stains, paint, and deposits from concrete floors and surfaces.

Natural Alternatives for cleaning

Clean Concrete - baking soda

Many people don’t like using chemical cleaners, bleach, or soap so they turn to natural, environmentally friendly alternatives to clean concrete. One of the best cleaning agents you can use is vinegar.

Vinegar can be diluted with water and with a few pinches of salt makes it great for scrubbing away stains. If you dislike its smell, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to mask it. If the stains are more persistent, use undiluted vinegar and a nylon brush.

Another great cleaning alternative is baking soda. It has an abrasive texture that does wonders in removing grime and stubborn dirt. Half a cup of baking soda is mixed with a gallon of water and the concrete floor is mopped with it. You can add some liquid soap into the mix for more persistent stains. Make sure you rinse it all off and air dry it.

Rinse off all the surfaces

Clean Concrete - rinse the surface thoroughly

In order to wash away all residual dirt and foam, make sure you rinse off all surfaces after scrubbing. In this way, you’ll get a pristine surface, and in order to keep it that way, remember to do a spot clean and rinse it occasionally throughout the summer. By sticking to this cleaning routine, your next year’s spring clean-up and maintenance will be much easier and smoother.

With tips listed here, you’ll be able to clean your concrete surfaces easily and quickly, without breaking the bank. Your backyard will get an instant makeover and you’ll have a beautiful space to enjoy all year round.

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