How to Avoid Expensive House Renovation Mistakes

How to Avoid Expensive House Renovation Mistakes


You’re halfway through your house renovation when you suddenly realize that a fatal mistake has been made. Now you have to tear everything down and pay more to fix the mistake than you would have to finish the project. Frustrating, right? Luckily, there are ways to avoid making such expensive renovation mistakes in the first place and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Get those permits

You shouldn’t start your renovation project if you don’t have all the necessary city permits for the work you intend to do. Not only will you have to pay different fines, but the authorities might even tear down everything you’ve built. Thus, it’s advisable that you find out what kind of permits you’ll need and file the applications before starting the renovation.

You should be mindful of your neighbours and get their consent, as well. You should inform them of your plans beforehand, keep the communication open, and make the entire process as easy as possible for them.

Good project management

Renovation Mistakes - project manage

Home renovations are typically time-consuming and exhausting and, without an organized approach, you’re bound to experience a lot of delays that come with unplanned expenses. You shouldn’t start such an endeavour if you don’t have a detailed and structured plan and a schedule of your activities. By planning everything properly, you’ll minimize the risk of making costly mistakes and keep your home renovation on track.

Be careful when choosing to DIY over professional help

Renovation Mistakes - professional help

Redesigning and renovating your home isn’t the same. You shouldn’t overestimate your DIY skills because you’ll end up with poor results and high expenditure. If your renovation project involves some structural work on the house, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek help from a reliable contractor, such as a trustworthy architect, who can ensure that you get high-quality work that fits your budget and meets the local requirements. You should hire a professional especially if your project entails tearing down old walls or building new ones. In addition, make sure to interview several architects and get different opinions so that you hire the right man for the job

Order some extra materials

This is one of the most common renovation mistakes.  Any professional will advise you to order a bit more materials than you actually need. Renovation projects can be quite unpredictable, so it’s better to have some extra materials than ordering more on short notice. Not only will this delay your renovation, but you also may have to pay more because you’re not ordering in bulk and it’s on such short notice. However, you shouldn’t buy materials before you have everything planned out only because you’ve come across some appealing discounts or a design that you like. You may come to realize that the materials you’ve purchased don’t actually fit your renovation plan, so you’ll end up losing money rather than saving it on those discounts.

Are your desires possible?

Renovation Mistakes - floor plan

While you can easily find a great idea for your home renovation, making it come true can be quite tricky, especially if you’re planning a major and demanding project. You should consult with a professional in order to make sure that your renovation ideas are feasible. If not, an expert can give you some other suggestions that can turn out to be even better. You shouldn’t lose your money or time on unrealistic ideas and expectations.

Focus on appearance comes later

The fact is that every homeowner cares about the visual appeal of their home. However, putting aesthetics before functionality and quality can result in plenty of additional expenses. Before starting the renovation, you can discuss the styling aspects with your contractor, but don’t get into too much detail before major reconstruction work is completed.

Without a well-developed plan for your home project, you can easily make any of these renovation mistakes and can cost you a fortune. Thus, it’s advisable that you think everything through and consult with a professional before starting your renovation project. This way, you’ll minimize the risk of unpredictable mistakes and additional expenses.

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