Here’s Why Your Backyard Is Your New Gym

Here’s Why Your Backyard Is Your New Gym


Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Or does spending too much on a membership just not work out for you?  Fear not, because a portion of your living space is going to come to your rescue! Let me introduce you to the hottest trend, your future backyard gym!

Is your backyard a versatile space?

Backyard Gym - sit ups

Backyards are devoid of one very visible restriction- walls. With no walls and a very open space that is open to all types of changes, you can comfortably consider your backyard a versatile space. Versatile in the sense that you can modify, add, subtract, divide your backyard with whatever workout requirements you have. This could be

  • A shed
  • Planks
  • Benches
  • Workout machines
  • Pulleys
  • Bars

Essentially, you’re taking an outdoor space that you are comfortable in and turning it into a gym that is completely personalized and customized according to your workout plans. You could get into the regime of weightlifting in your garden environment with Power Rack or get some much-needed cardio with a cycle outdoors. This type of gym has a lot of benefits and might actually get you hooked on working out outdoors.

What are the benefits of a backyard gym?

Backyard Gym - yoga

Working out outdoors ensures that your lungs are breathing in absolutely fresh air. No indoor air circulation could match up to the fresh oxygen that one can breathe-in outdoors.

Imagine being one with nature and letting all that unadulterated air fill your body; it is a great form of aerobic exercise that no indoor cardio session can replace in terms of quality.

Plenty of Space

The free space and lack of limitations get your creativity going, giving you the option to utilize even the tiniest space as a small workout station to do lunges or squats. You can easily set up several small stations, or maybe even design your own mini drills and exercise mazes just to add a touch of fun to your fitness routine. Plus, the rawness of doing it on the ground has its own thrill.

Tougher Conditioning

Performing exercises on the grass and actual ground surfaces is an effective way of strengthening your muscles and making your limbs more tough and adaptable. Of course, neatly paved floors are very comfortable to use, but if you really want to condition your body to endure tougher situations, then working out on grass and mud is going to give you that training you need.

Less Fear of Damage

Outdoor gyms are easier to modify, in the sense that you can always add or remove a station without having to worry about damaging expensive floors or walls while doing so. Even moving equipment can be done swiftly, as unearthing a bit of grass or mud wouldn’t both you as much as scraping off a perfect wooden floor or damaging the paint job on your walls.

Giving Your Mind Space

Outdoor exercising is known to have great psychological benefits as well. You are not only giving your body but also your mind a lot of space to breathe. With aerobic exercise reaching its full potential, the blood circulation in the brain also improves significantly. This helps with releasing more serotonin and adrenalin into the body, which are both known to elevate the mood and create a more harmonic atmosphere for your mind.

How can you make sure your backyard gym plans work?

Backyard Gym - weights

Step 1: Thoroughly inspect your backyard. Find out where the ground is solid and where it’s not. Ideally, a tougher ground surface is safer to work out on, so if any part of your ground needs to patchwork, do that first.

Step 2: Measure the dimensions of your backyard and find out how much space you exactly have to work with. You need to fit in your stations comfortably and not overcrowd it.

Step 3: Make a plan, a blueprint of sorts, of which station goes where and how you’d like your outdoor gym to look. This way, you’ll know which equipment goes where.

Step 4: The whole point of a backyard gym is to not spend too much on it and still get the benefits of exercising, so make sure you do a good amount of research on how you can design an affordable gym outside.

When you turn your own comfort zone into a workout space, there’s no better way to add a personal touch to your fit lifestyle!

So, go ahead and transform your backyard into an exercise paradise, and make sure you don’t burden your pockets while you do so!

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