How to Create Privacy in Your Small Backyard Garden

How to Create Privacy in Your Small Backyard Garden


A garden is meant to be a peaceful place to entertain, enjoy the fresh air, and tune out of our busy lives. But as the population has grown our backyard gardens have shrunk to the point you can see right into your neighbours bathrooms! So it’s no surprise that everyone is seeking a solution to create privacy in their backyards.

It’s true, houses are smaller and so are our backyards.  This is a common trend globally and we explored it in the Small Living Article. But despite it being trendy for many reasons, the downside is it’s easy to feel cramped in small spaces. But with a little imagination and inspiration, it’s possible to create a beautiful private outdoor garden that is also vibrant.

Minimal space doesn’t mean your vision for your backyard garden should be limited. So let’s get your imagination flowing in regards to creating privacy.

Plants Can Help Create Privacy

Create Privacy - put on some plants

Since you’re already designing a garden in a small space, why not include plants that provide built-in privacy?

Here are some great options:


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. The plant can quickly reach significant heights. This makes it an awesome choice to provide optimal privacy with a modern flair. You can plant bamboo directly in the ground or in planters. If your space is quite small, bamboo planters strategically placed to screen out close neighbors might be the perfect option.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories are another stunning plant to add to your garden for some extra privacy. To achieve your desired vision, plant the morning glories in small planters at the base of a string trellis. The morning glories naturally grow up the trellis and create a wall of gorgeous green that acts as a natural privacy screen.

Vertical Garden Beds

If you like the idea of creating a trellis for morning glories or vines to climb to create natural privacy, you may also try crafting a vertical garden. There are so many different directions you could take your vertical garden. You could easily plant succulents, herbs or beautiful blooming flowers.

I love the idea of an edible vertical garden and would totally be up for creating a private garden that I could pop out to from the kitchen while cooking and grab some basil or lettuce. The lush green is pleasing to the eye and the functionality of a vertical garden like this is amazing. Privacy along with delicious veggies and herbs? Sign me up!

For more landscaping ideas visit:  12 Simple Landscaping Ideas for Privacy in Your Yard

 Use Screens to Create Privacy

Create Privacy - put up curtains

There are so many options at your local home and garden store for adding privacy screening in your backyard. While some are designed for larger yards, they can always be scaled to fit in a smaller space.

Here are some aesthetically appealing options.

Lattice Screens

The concept of lattice screens is similar to a string trellis but on a bit larger of a scale.  Lattice screens are a lovely privacy option for your small botanical backyard. Pre-made lattice structures are relatively easy to find at your local home and garden store and are a cost-effective option if you’re on a tight budget. These screens can also be custom sized to fit your needs. Once you’ve decided on the aesthetic and size you need, there are countless plant options you can choose to create a lush green and colorful natural screen of your choosing.

Movable Privacy Screen

If your backyard is surrounded by neighbors on all sides, you may want to consider a movable privacy screen. Perhaps the neighbors to the left have small children who are super active in the morning hours and the neighbors to the right are noisy night owls that love to throw a boisterous backyard gathering.  A mobile privacy screen allows you to create privacy when and where you need it and could help solve your privacy problems throughout your backyard garden. You can easily DIY this project or purchase from a home and garden store.

Creative Curtains

Have you ever considered adding curtains to your cute backyard garden? They have the ability to add some style and provide the much-desired privacy you’re looking for. All you need is a wooden frame to hang the curtains from. This look can create a dreamy outdoor space that you may never want to leave!  Of course, the weather is certainly a consideration when thinking about curtains in your backyard garden.

Create Privacy to Gain Peace

When space is tight, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But sometimes inhabiting a small space is an opportunity for your creativity to soar. A garden is supposed to offer peace and tranquility. It’s meant to be anything but overwhelming.  There are so many awesome ways to create privacy in your small backyard garden. We hope these suggestions help inspire you and help you create the garden oasis of your dreams. 


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