Moving House? Find Out How to Pack Up Your House like a Pro

Moving House? Find Out How to Pack Up Your House like a Pro


Moving house is a daunting task no matter why you have to move. But don’t panic – you can pack up your house on your own without breaking a sweat.

The trick is to know where to start and how to organise your packing project to ensure that your move proceeds smoothly.

Here are 7 tips to help you pack up your house like a pro.

7 Tips for Packing & Moving House

1.Know which rooms to pack first

moving house - plan

Start with your storage areas. They’re the toughest rooms to pack because you need to decide which items to get rid of and which ones you’ll be taking with you (more on that later on).

Rooms such as,

  • Garage
  • Shed
  • Basement
  • Attic

EXTRA TIP: Remember to prepare large tools and equipment for the move too – drain the fuel from tanks, wrap sharp edges, and cutting parts for safety.

Once you’re done with the storage, move to other rooms of your house that aren’t commonly used – think guest rooms or the living room. The kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms will be the last ones to pack because they’re essential.

2. Here’s how to deal with stuff in storage areas

moving house - dealing with all the stuff in storage

Garages, basements, sheds, and attics are tough to pack when moving house because you need to select and organize your half-forgotten items. Going through the storage areas in your home will take a lot of time so get started early on.

It’s key to divide your stored items into these four piles:

  • Throw away
  • Sell
  • Give away or donate
  • Pack for moving

The first pile is easy  – just get rid of these items.

After you have finished with all the “to-be-discarded” stuff, get started on the second pile as soon as you can. You can sell some items online or organize a moving sale to get rid of things you’re not going to take with you – for example, specialized tools, sports gear, or artwork. Give away some of these items to friends and family if they like or need them.

Meanwhile, pack all non-essential items from the third pile and prepare them for shipment. If you have a garden shed, don’t forget to disassemble it and prepare it for the move too!

If you have a garden shed which you’d like to take with you, check if it can be disassembled and prepare it for the move.

3. Start with packing these items

moving house - what to first pack

Once you’re done with your storage areas, it’s time to look at other rooms in your house.

Pack items that you know you won’t be using for the next few weeks, for example:

  • decorative items or artwork
  • collectibles
  • extra items (think extra linen, bedding, office supplies)
  • hobby items (books, DVDs, CDs, video games)
  • specialized items (kitchenware)
  • off-season clothes, shoes, and accessories

4. Get rid of things you don’t need with a free donation pickup

moving house - donate unneeded stuff

You can save yourself a trip to the local Goodwill by scheduling a free donation pickup.

There are numerous charities that can come by your house and pick up the items you’d like to donate. All you need to do is leave these items on your doorstep and they’ll take care of the rest.

5. Hire a professional moving company

moving house - hire movers

Sometimes packing an entire house can become too much. That’s when you should consider hiring professional movers.

A professional moving company helps to reduce the stress related to the move, but also saves a lot of time. You won’t have to search for moving supplies yourself and your belongings will be packed by professionals, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Research moving companies to make sure that you’re hiring the right one. A moving company can make or break your move, so don’t jump on the first five-star offer you see.

Read the company’s list of services, refund or damage policies, and all the fine print. For example, some companies won’t lift any items that are packed in containers other than boxes.

6. Organise your move

moving house - organize your move

Get a calendar and mark it with key daily tasks for preparing your move, for example: calling the moving company, sorting bathroom items, or buying new house supplies.

Breaking up your tasks like this will make the entire move more manageable.

EXTRA TIP: Make sure to prepare for the move way before your moving day. It’s smart to schedule your move during the week because weekends are normally busy for everyone and the roads are busy. Even the moving companies are usually busiest on weekends so it may be hard to book them or they may have more time to take care on a weekday.

Don’t forget to add the housewarming party to your schedule – just something to look forward to!

7. Take proper care of the boxes before the move

moving house - label the boxes

When moving house it’s smart to create an inventory of your items and document their condition so you know how to distribute them once they’re moved to your new house.

Make sure to label your boxes properly – soon you’ll have no idea where you packed which items. Stack all boxes in a spot where they won’t get in your way.

Good luck with moving to a new place!

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