10 Steps To Prep Your Garden For A Property Viewing

10 Steps To Prep Your Garden For A Property Viewing


For many people, the garden is one of the major selling points of a property. Even if prospective buyers don’t have green fingers, then a beautiful lawn with a deck for warm weekends and long nights can sway even the most indoors of people.

Before you put your house on the market, you want to make sure that your garden and outdoor areas are in tip-top condition so that you’ll get the most of your property. So how do you go about staging your garden for prospective buyers? 

Well, today’s your lucky day, here’s a step by step guide to getting your outdoor space up to speed.

#1 Mow the lawn

Property viewing -lawns

You’d be surprised by the number of people who forego this simple but critical step- mowing the lawn.

You HAVE to make sure your lawn is freshly mowed. Even if you don’t care much for your outdoor space, it creates an illusion of a well-maintained garden.

#2 Remove all trash

Property viewing - Take the trash out

Step two is crucial but dead simple.

Make sure that bin bags and whatever trash might be laying around is put in the bins.

This is common courtesy if you’re having people over – you make sure your place is tidy and clean.

#3 Clean the garden furniture

Property viewing - clean garden furniture

If you’ve got garden furniture, set aside a couple of hours to clean them up and make em’ look like new.

Wooden furniture often needs a loving hand at the beginning of the season. If you’ve got wooden furniture it’s often a case of sandpapering the surfaces and applying a protective oil, it’s no biggie but it takes a bit of time.

If your furniture is plastic then all you need to do is wash them down and maybe throw some nice cushions on for the viewings.

#4 Deal with the weeds

Property viewing - remove the weed

Everyone hates weeds. You can take care of them one day, and the next day they’re back. The bad news is you’ll just have to suck it up this one time.

The flower beds on the outskirts of the grass are one thing, and maybe you can *forget* to remove the weeds from there, but you have to deal with the little green sprouts coming through the patio tiles.

Pick them up, poison them, or burn them – just deal with them.  

#5 Trim the edges of the lawn

Property viewing - trim the lawn

Grass is quick to spread into the flower beds on the side.

Grab a shovel and trim the edges of the lawn. Make sure the line where the grass ends is fairly straight.

 #6 Brush up with some paint

Property viewing - paint

If your shed or your windows are is looking a bit rough, then maybe it’s time to give them a quick brush up with a fresh layer of paint.

It doesn’t have to be a super professional job or expensive but it will make a big difference come the property viewing date. 

#7 Flower power

Property viewing - put some flowers

There’s no denying that flowers and a bit of greenery suit a garden very well.

If your green space isn’t already blooming with flowers and plants, then get a few big pots out on the patio with some pretty decorations.

It’s an easy way to add a bit of atmosphere and love to the place.

#8 De-clutter the garage of hell

Property viewing - garage workshop

A garage is a funny place. What was supposed to be the place where you park your ride very often becomes a dumping ground for anything that you’ve not got space for anywhere else.

The old chair, the five bikes, tools, the camping gear, and the skiing equipment you haven’t used since 2001. Now, people are going to want to have a look inside and see what space is like.

A garage can often be a place of dreams. People want to have a home office, an art studio, or a bike workshop.

De-clutter the place and make sure that your potential buyers can visualize themselves bringing ideas to life. You’ll have to move out anyway, so you might as well start clearing the garage now.

#9 Wash the deck, patio, and the balcony

Property viewing - washing patio, deck, and balcony

If you’ve got a patio, a deck, or a balcony then a good wash can work wonders. Just as when you wash your clothes and do the dishes, you need a good soap to get rid of that dirt, green algae, and mold. There are hundreds (probably more like thousands) of homemade recipes for soaps, often including laundry detergent, water, and bleach. While it might work, it’s likely to leave a bit of a mess. We recommend Cuprinol Decking Restorer, it’s easy to use and it does the job of removing dirt. (If you are based in Australia you can look for a similar product at your local hardware store).

# 10 The final tidy up

You’re almost ready to put your home on the market. The final thing you need to do is just give your outdoor space a final tidy up.

  • If tennis balls are lying around the garden, gather them.
  • Any weeds peeping back up, nip them back quickly.
  • If you have a pet, make sure excrements are removed (Nothing ruins a day like dog poo on new shoes)

You’re now ready to go get your house sold! Unless of course, you’ve fallen back in love with that gorgeous garden.

Good luck from the Stewart Timber team.

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