Available Roof Types for Sheds

Available Roof Types for Sheds


There are three common roof types that our sheds, garages and carports come with:

  • Skillion/Sloping Roof
  • Flat roof
  • Gable roof

Selecting the roof type of your garden shed or any outdoor structure will be based on the function and site where it will be placed.  The roofing style should also match the existing style of the main house and backyard where it sits.


The skillion roof, one of the clear-cut options, is also called lean-to roof or even shed roof.  It is also known as a pent roof.  It has a single roof plane that’s sloping down a side.  This is one of the most economical types to build.

Roof Types - Skillion


A Flat roof is level or with a very small slope to let the water run off freely.   Another inexpensive type of roofing, flat roofs are considered to be the most adaptable form of structure ceiling.  When getting a shed with a flat roof, place the shed in such a way that it receives daylight and wind to aid drying during wet seasons.

Roof Types - Flat


The third type of roof structure is the gable roof or also known as a pitched roof or apex roof.  Gable roofs have two sloping faces meeting at a peak.  This type of roofing cast off the water with ease, as well as other debris, eliminating the need to regularly check on in.

Roof Types - Gabble

There you have it, the 3 types of roof styles you can choose from when shopping for a garden shed, carport or garage. Pretty simple but now, why not check out our guide on “How to Choose a Garden Shed”, You can find a lot more details about things to consider before choosing a Shed or even a carport and garage.

Now that you have seen the different roof types, why not check out the different heights for sheds:

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