10 Garden Gift Ideas for Passionate Gardeners

10 Garden Gift Ideas for Passionate Gardeners


Everyone has a friend or family member who is passionate about gardening, right? Well you know when those occasions like Birthdays, Christmas or special events roll by thinking of garden gift ideas can be a challenge. We always love giving gifts that support their passion and something for their outdoor gardening hobby will always be a winner!

But WHAT do you give a gardener which is not soil or plants?

If you don’t love gardening, you may be a bit stumped for an idea of what kind of gifts to give a gardening enthusiast.

That is why I have put together a list of great garden gift ideas, which may just be what you need!

Gardeners Tool Seat

Garden Gift Ideas - StoolGardening needs you to be low to the ground a lot of the time. This means lots of stooping and bending over to dig, pull weeds, plant, or harvest. When doing this over time it can wreak havoc on the back, muscles, and joints. These handy seats are low enough to put you within arm’s reach while reducing the stresses on knees, ankles, and back. As a bonus, they are also generally designed to hold small gardening tools; keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Hand and Skin Care Products

Garden Gift Ideas -hand moisturiser Working with soil can be harsh on hands and skin, in general. Skin scrubs and creams that moisturize, repair, and protect the skin are excellent ideas for a gift. Add a pair of gloves, a gardening hat, and some sun protection products, and you are set with the best gift for a gardener.

Bird Feeders

Garden Gift Ideas - bird houseFrom basic and inexpensive to spendy and massive, bird feeders are charming and fun. Some gardeners love to attract birds to their gardens and a bird feeder is one of the best ways to do so. This is a gift that allows the gardener to draw birds to their yard to enjoy as well as offer the little feathery creatures some food.

Outdoor Stereo System

 Garden Gift Ideas - portable radioGardeners spend a great deal of time outside. The sweet sounds of nature are always great but sometimes it might be nice to be able to enjoy some music. These days you can find music systems that are built to endure the outdoors. Speakers disguised as rocks blend technology with the outdoors but what’s an even greater advantage of this gift is if your gardening friend has company everyone can enjoy the music.

Gifts from the Garden

Garden Gift Ideas - booksIt’s a little bit of a twist to give a gardener a book that explains how gardeners can give gifts from their gardens. These types of books can help gardeners spread the love of their hobby by sharing what they grow. Talk about a beautiful and fun idea! There are many innovative ideas for gardening these days and books or magazine subscriptions are a great way to keep your gardener in-the-know.

Materials for Something New

Garden Gift Ideas - vertical gardenSome people are just ultra creative; always dreaming up new ways of making something more exciting than what it already was. Shadow box planters, succulents growing from walls, upside down gardening techniques. Why not give your gardener a new and exciting method to try as well? Check what methods they are already using in their backyard and find something that will compliment their set up and excite them.


Garden Gift Ideas - terrariumThe sight, the smell and the feel of the earth and vegetation do wonders for the soul. Why not give the gift of a terrarium, combining the outdoors with the indoors in miniature.  Beautiful clear glass containers vary in shape and size to accommodate the personal style and living space.

Garden Storage

Garden Gift Ideas - storageProtecting tools, seeds, bulbs, and other supplies from the harsh weather during the seasons is an important part of ensuring their longevity. Why not provide them with an impressive and stylish storage solution the Vertical Shed or the Novel Storage Shed. Both are designed with a classy modern look that is certain to complement any space while protecting a gardener’s valuables.

Garden Lights

Garden Gift Ideas- lightsTurn any backyard garden into a magical place by illuminating it with lights! There is no shortage of styles or power types. Strung twinkling lights, themed lights, solar lights…any lights are going to add a fabulously warm, inviting glow at night, to one of your gardener’s favourite places to be.


Gardening Gift IdeasWhat could be better than gardening for one? Gardening for two…or three! Offer to spend quality time with your gardener; being a helpful and willing participant in his/her passion.

As with any type of gift-giving, the key to success is showing interest in a person, their interests, hobbies, and passions.  Happy gift giving!

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