6 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas for Kids

6 Father’s Day DIY Gift Ideas for Kids


When you are a kid, Father’s Day is a great time to show off your arts and craft skills and spoil your dad with some amazing homemade gifts. A lot of children make cards which Dads just love… but why stop there? There are so many fantastic DIY ideas being shared every day online and in magazines. You can create the coolest gifts with just a little inspiration.

So my team and  I picked a few of our favourite Father’s Day DIY Gift ideas for kids. Check them out and let us know what you think!

1. BBQ Toolbelt

Father's Day DIY Gift - BBQ Tool belt

Make your Dad the ultimate BBQ. He can have all his BBQ things on hand when cooking up a feast, and when it’s not being used for cooking it can double up as a tool belt for when he is fixing things are the house.

See how to make one at >> HGTV

 2. Backyard Hero Snack Kit

Fathers Day DIY Gift - Backyard Hero Snack kit
Every Dad needs one of these! This is great for the Dad who works outdoors or his shed. He can now take his special Hero’s snacks to pack out with him when working in the backyard or shed which will keep him refreshed and full of his superhero powers!

3.Plaque for His Shed or Workshop

Father's Day DIY Gift - Plaque for his shed or workshop
Award your Dad with a homemade Plaque. Very easy to make and he can hang it up in his shed or office. You can use a photo, make your own message, or to make it really easy, you can download the one above “Daddy is a son’s first Hero and his daughter’s first Love”. This is an easy project but will be priceless to your Dad.

4. Tiny Tool Box for Teeny Tiny Things

Father's Day DIY Gift- Tiny Tool Box for teeny tiny things
Surprise your Dad with these mini homemade toolboxes. They are great to keep all those pesky small things such as nails, nuts and bolts, and little screws. Just gather up some old lolly or mint tins, paint them red, add a few fixtures to create a handle, and fill them up with the goodies. It’s as easy as that.

5. Custom Drink Bucket for Dad

Father's Day DIY Gift - Custom Drink Bucket for Dad
Transform a drink bucket into a ‘Dad’s bucket’. Just by whacking on a custom made label onto the bucket and filling it with some of his favourite drinks (you can even jazz up the bottles with some Daddy deco’s). You will be turning something normally very plain into a really cool Father’s day gift.

6. Tool-Supply Holder

Father's Day DIY Gift ideas - Tool-Supply Holder
You can help your Dad organize his tools or his desk with this neat ‘Chip Canister Organiser’. All you need is some old Pringle containers or similar and follow some easy instructions to get this neat gift. So if your Dad needs a hand tidying up around the place, why not give this project a go.

We hope you got some inspo for a Fathers’ Day DIY Gift for your kids to attempt. Its always fun to make something rather than buy. So enjoy and good luck!

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