Top 10 Fathers Day Activities

Top 10 Fathers Day Activities


Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with great ideas for Fathers Day Activities. Finding the perfect gift is one thing… but deciding on what to do on the day is another?  So we went around and asked our team at Cheap Sheds what their top activities were for Father’s Day. See if there are any ideas you would like to do this year:

1. Make something

Fathers Day Activities - DIY

Is your Dad a DIY kinda guy? Well, why not arrange for you and your Dad to build or fix something together. To make it more special buy something he either needs at home or finds something he has been meaning to fix.

It could be a bike that’s been sitting in the shed, perhaps a window or shelf which needs mending, or maybe buy him something new like a storage box or workbench which you could put up together.

It may sound boring but the time spent together creating something can be bonding and you may remember it for years. And if you’re lucky you may actually learn a thing or two from your Old Pop.

If you want you can turn it into a family affair and everyone can pitch in, even the kids. If the kids are too young to use tools, break out the paintbrushes for them to decorate whatever Dad creates.

2.  Play games

Fathers Day Activities - Play gamesYes, that seems a bit straightforward and outdated but getting outdoors with the family to play some good old backyard games is real quality time and the fresh air will do everyone good. Did I mention it costs a lot less than going out? Why not pick some games you can all play together and even better, let your Dad pick.

Popular backyard games are:

  • Botchy
  • Cricket
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Piggy in the middle for the young kids
  • Even hide and seek

If it’s a rainy day, no worries! Buy/hire or get out the old board games and cards. When last did you get out of the Jenga or play poker? You’d be surprised how much fun it still is. These games are timeless and it will allow you or the kids to step away from the remotes and TV games and play some games with your Dad. You can even choose one he would have played in his youth and get him to teach you.

And the best way to round off a games day…is to have a BBQ. It’s a social meal, easy and inexpensive

3. Go for a bike ride

Fathers Day Activities - bike ride

Some Dads enjoy bike riding, so why not make it a family affair and go for a scenic bike ride for Fathers Day.

You can do a local ride around town, perhaps in a park close by or even find some great bike tracks in your area, where you can meet up and spend a morning cruising the scenes.

Pack a picnic or some snacks and have a break at a beautiful spot to share some stories and spend some time together.

The fresh air and exercise will no doubt put everyone in good spirits and make you feel thankful for the special day.

4. Go for a Hike/Walk

Fathers Day Activities - hiking

Not into riding bikes? Not a problem, a popular activity is going for a hike or a casual walk. You could take a hike in your closest national park or mountains or perhaps take a stroll in a botanical garden or park. You can also pack a gourmet picnic for the occasion or find a local café to enjoy a morning or afternoon tea.

5. Fishing

Fathers Day Activities - fishing

This is one of the most popular Fathers Day Activities, Fishing.  Many Dads love throwing in a line so if it’s extreme fishing on a charter boat, a quiet lake on a hired dinghy, or just the local beach or riverbank, fishing is a great activity.

You can organize or buy extreme fishing packages these days for the entire day, which includes the equipment, food, and everything is organized for you (see Redballoon). Alternatively, you can hire a dinghy from a boat hire place, which generally costs $150 – $250 for half-day.

 If it’s a quiet trip to a local spot you can even take the kids along and they can learn to fish with you and your Dad.  It’s an inexpensive activity and if you don’t have the equipment you can easily hire it.

6. Museums/ Historical Places/ Space Observatory/ Car Shows

Fathers Day Activities - historical or educational visit

Museums, historical places, special interest facilities, and shows are great places to take your Dad to on Father’s Day.

Depending on his age and interests you might want to do some research and see what shows or places are available/open in your area.

He may enjoy history, so a museum or historical monument may be in store. It may not interest you much but it might make your Dad’s day visiting such a place with you.

He may be a ‘car nut’ so find out if there are any car shows in town. You honestly could not pass by the opportunity to take him along to that!

So think about what his interests are and see what’s on in your town.

7. Go to the movies as a family

Fathers Day Activities - Movies

So many families don’t actually go to the cinemas together anymore.  I did this last year and we had Dad pick the flick. And even though the younger kids grumped and moaned it actually turned out to be a great movie and we all had a fantastic time.  Of course, we had popcorn and chocolates followed by burgers and chips after the movie.

I highly recommend going to the movies for an activity everyone can enjoy.

8. Paintballing

Fathers Day Activities - Paint balling

Your Dad may be an adventure Dad and enjoys thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities. So why not go paintballing! It’s a great day of action and fun and you could even get a group of people together to bring their Dads along.

You could follow the day with a casual BBQ while you compare your injuries and celebrate the victories.

9. Golf, Mini Golf, or Super Golf

Fathers Day Activities - golf

Father’s Day is a popular day for Golf clubs because it’s a low intensity, bonding activity for Fathers and their kids. BUT, if golf is not your thing that’s not a problem! You have the following options:

1) Mini golf is simple enough for anyone to play and your Dad can practice his putting skills.
2) Super golf is played on a smaller golf course and with larger than life golf clubs and balls, which makes hitting the balls a lot easier. It’s a very easy game and really amusing.

Both are inexpensive Fathers Day Activities and the kids can play too.

10. Cooking class

Fathers Day Activities- Cooking class

This is a new Father’s Day trend, Cooking classes. Many kids are booking their Dads into cooking classes for the day where they learn how to make their favourite meals and add to their skills in the kitchen.

Cooking is becoming very trendy and doing this as a Father and Son or Father Daughter activity could be really amusing and interesting. It will give him the chance to show off some skills you never knew he had!

We hope you found some great Fathers Day activities from this list and we wish you all a Happy Fathers Day!

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