Tips on How to Keep Pet Birds Warm in Winter

Tips on How to Keep Pet Birds Warm in Winter


Whether you keep chickens or have a parrot as a pet, the winters can be harsh on the bodies of your avian friends. A bird’s body is not well equipped for cold temperatures, even in well-insulated, sheltered areas. Besides keeping the birds inside a sheltered space, there are other tips you should follow to keep any pet bird warm in the winter.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Cage CoversCage Covers

Cage covers will go over the cage the bird resides in. The covers, particularly winter-crafted covers, help trap the heat within the cage. It is best to put these kinds of covers over the cages when it is “night out”. That way, you can peep pet birds warm at night with a cover and in the daytime, they can enjoy the sun.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Positioned LocationPositioned Location

Whether it is a cage for a finch or a chicken pen, where the avian home is located in the home or barn is very important. That is because improper insulation can make cold drafts fly into the area. Unless you properly insulate the windows and walls, it is best to move the pens or cages away from drafty areas. Keep the pens or cages in a safe, central spot where heat is not being lost from the home or barn.

Keep Pet Birds Warm - Heat LampsHeater & Heat Lamps

Heaters and heat lamps are a direct way to apply heat to a bird when it is very cold. Like a space heater, the heaters act as portable, plug-in heaters that can safely warm up a bird when they are under or close to it. The heater and also heat lamps can provide some pleasurable amounts of heat to a cold bird.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Heat PerchesBird Thermo Perch

One sign to tell if your bird is cold is if they ball themselves up, covering their legs and feet. A bird’s legs and feet are susceptible to the cold, so when the bird balls up, they are doing it because they are very cold. A heated perch is a good investment to keep bird legs warm. The perch heats up to a gently warm temperature, heating the feet and legs of the bird. This helps keep their blood and tissue in their legs warm and can generally help the bird stay warm.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Cage TentsCage Tents

Like the cage covers, tents act as little shelters within the shelter the bird lives in. These tiny tents are insulated so the bird can hop into them to stay warm. The tents can fit into most cages and pen, and they give the bird the option to snuggle into them when they are cold

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Deep Litter

Deep Litter

The deep litter approach is one way to create a heat source for the birds. Instead of cleaning out the coops for the pens or cages the bird is in, the deep litter approach requires you consistently adding more bird litter on top of bird litter. This approach needs to last over long periods of time, such as whole seasons. As a result, there will be a layer of litter mixed with excrement on the bed floor of the cage or pen. This can actually trap and emit heat for the bird.

Plenty of Toys

Exerting oneself and having fun through physical activity can help anyone feel the warmth of an increased metabolism and body temperature. Having lots of toys in the cage or pen can really help the bird stay active during the winter months, as well as warming themselves up through exercise.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Put Birds TogetherPut Birds Together

Depending on how many birds you might have, it is a good strategy to keep birds together in the same pen or cage. Although you want adequate, human space, the tighter the quarters, the easier it will be for the birds to roost together. This can help the birds use each other for warm comfort during the winter.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- Extra Food At NightExtra Food At Night

A bird’s metabolism helps keep them warm, which is why eating consistent meals will be very helpful for the bird. However, many suggest feeding extra rich food at night, like corn, to the bird. As a result, the bird will feel full and their bodies will digest a complex food that can help with the bird’s body heat.

Keep Pet Birds Warm- aviaries

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  • Yousra says:

    Thank you sooooooo much for all the advices I was freaking out after I gave my bird a shower and it started shivering and could not even move I was so scared .. but thanks to ur advices I can give it a shower again

    • Im so glad my advice could come to the rescue 🙂 Hope your bird was nice and cosy after his bath. Have a good day!

      • Sophie says:

        I am thinking of putting a cage tent into my budgies cage, but my budgies are very shy. Do you know how i could encourage my budgies into a tent.
        (I keep my birds outside so they tend to get very cold.)

        • Rachel says:

          I’d recommend putting a treat inside, or his favourite toy. My budgie gets quiet vigilant and confused if I put something new. He will be encouraged to explore it. My budgies favourite toy is his mirror, I’d recommend putting a mirror inside.

        • Carola says:

          i don’t quite understand, why would you knowingly keep your budgies cold & not remedy your situation ?? –>> are you aware that should any of them ever become unwell, they will most surely never get better, and highly likely die.

          could you not, at the very least, fully cover your aviary or birdcage at night, either with a tarpaulin or bedsheet for an aviary, or dish towel/tea towel for a cage.

  • Waheed says:

    Could you please tell me what is the best temperature for winter season for budgies

  • Tamara Vazquez says:

    Can I put a blanket inside my amazon birds cage.

    • Mika says:

      Hello Tamara,

      Thank you for your inquiry, we appreciate it.

      You may put a blanket over the bird cage to cover the entire cage. So the blanket is outside the cage, not inside.

      I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any other questions.


    • Sophie says:

      I am thinking of putting a cage tent into my budgie cage, but my budgies are really shy. Is there a way to encourage my budgies into a tent.
      (I keep my budgies outside so they get really cold.)

  • Salim says:

    Winter time, what is the lowest temperature Canaries can live in, whats the minimum temperature.

  • Hanifa says:

    I’m a bit concerned for my canary. It’s winter time, and the temperature going down to about -1 degrees C, and he keeps making sounds, (Like clicking his tongue) and something that would sound like when humans suck their teeth. Not sure what to do.

  • Safest way to keep my 12year old caged canary warm in winter.Thank you

  • Abby says:

    Hi, thanks so much for this. Quick question, We are looking into installing an aviary outside a cockatiel. Any advice on how to insulate it for the winter? Many thanks.

    • Chai @ Cheap Sheds says:

      Hey Abby, you may try lining your aviary with any insulating materials to keep the birds warm. Just ensure the insulating materials are sufficiently covered so the birds won’t peck on it 🙂

  • Carola says:

    i don’t quite understand why it doesn’t seem to occur to pet bird / animal owners that THEY DO GET COLD just like people do !!
    it’s very simple: if you want a long-lived and healthy pet, then keep it out of drafts & warm during cold/cooler days! –>> it will save you a lot of veterinarian costs.

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