How to Build a Cat Run in Your Backyard

How to Build a Cat Run in Your Backyard


Recently, cats have come under attack, literally and figuratively. The government plan to reduce the feral cat population in rural areas seems to have spread into our neighborhoods.

In some places, local governments have made it illegal for a cat to be out of the house unattended; which may not be a bad thing since cat poisonings are on the rise. Cat lovers have come to fear for their feline friends.

While we can’t do much about those pesky neighbours, we must do all that we can to keep our precious pets safe and secure.

If your cat has been an indoor and outdoor cat, you will have made some changes in order to protect him. Keeping him indoors all of the time is a challenge, and it makes for an unhappy cat. Some people have successfully leash trained their cats. While this is admirable (and pretty incredible), it doesn’t afford Kitty the freedom to roam that he desires and has become accustomed to.

How can you keep your pet cat happy and safe while outdoors?

One way is to follow the growing trend of placing cat enclosures in your outdoor living space.

These cat runs are popping up in backyards and gardens across the area. Pet shops marketing pre-made cat enclosures have products called, among other names, “cat condos,” “cat tents,” and “cat runs.” These enclosures are expensive and they’re not entirely high quality. One pet store offers a cat run for about $800 and it is not very sturdy, nor does it have a roof!

To keep your cat safe and secure you’ll want better than that.

Cat Run - enclosure

An enclosed and protected area for your cat to enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and the sights and sounds of the great outdoors is a worthy investment—one worthy of a quality product.

Quality doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. And DIY doesn’t mean your cat run needs to be assembled from scrap lumber and chicken wire. There is a do-it-yourself solution that provides security and peace of mind for you while allowing your feline friend the benefits of the outdoors.

Build your cat enclosure or cat run from a DIY Pet Enclosure or Aviary kit.

A pre-engineered DIY Pet Enclosure Kit (Aviary kit) is an ideal answer to the cat run question.

These buildings are made from quality steel and designed to ensure they keep your pets safe. They are great because they are,

  • Solidly constructed from easy-to-clean hygienic steel
  • Come with easy to follow assembly instructions
  • Different roof options so they can fit your needs in your home.

Cat Run - DIY shed

These simple but sturdy buildings will keep your cat from climbing out and putting himself in harm’s way.

You can expand the size of your cat’s access to sun and air with wire fencing and solid stakes but make sure you enclose the entire area for full security.

You can also deck the aviary out with your pet cat’s favourite toys and activities—a branch for climbing, a water fountain, a scratching post—the only limit is your imagination.

Where Can You Buy a DIY Pet Enclosure  Kit

These buildings are pre-designed and flat packed so they can be easily delivered to your door where you can put it together yourself using the manual. They are made so that anyone with some tools and some DIY experience can put it together.

Cat Run - large aviary Cat Run - large aviary Cat Run - large aviary Cat Run - large aviary

It is a natural instinct for Kitty to climb, to hunt, to roam. Cats are predators by nature. Allow your cat the opportunity to follow his instincts in a safe, secure environment.

Protect your feline family member with the same care you would provide your two-legged family. A cat run, constructed from a DIY Aviary kit will keep Kitty happy and you at peace.

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