How to Achieve a Transitional Home Style

How to Achieve a Transitional Home Style


A ‘Transitional Home’ is a phrase you should get used to because it’s getting more and more popular and is here to stay. But, what is “transitional style” exactly? In short, it’s an interior design style that combines new and old, contemporary and traditional, feminine and masculine in a simple, elegant and functional way. Since blending different styles is often quite hard to nail, here’s a little guide that will familiarise you with transitional style and help you achieve it in your home.

Outstanding kitchen

Transitional Home- kitchen

If you already have some traditional kitchen cabinets that you love and don’t want to switch them up for something new, you can still achieve a beautiful transitional home kitchen—just be a little bit bolder with modern accessories. For instance, install modern pendant lighting over your kitchen island or boost your island’s contemporary look with lacquered or metallic accents. You can also replace your outdated fixtures and hardware. These are all very small investments that create a huge difference in a transitional home style. Another very effective way to introduce contemporary elements into your traditional kitchen is to make some steel countertops (yes, they can be turned into a quick DIY project) and add a metallic kitchen hood.

Cosy Dining

Transitional Home - dinning room

For a transitional dining room you can again use modern chairs and tables, but with a traditional twist. Try to upholster them in traditional fabrics and patterns. You can get them upholstered or try a little DIY and reupholster them yourself. On the other hand, you can offset the traditional furnishing with some contemporary lighting. Steel pendants with an industrial-style exposed light bulbs is a great transitional lighting solution. Old-school wood wainscoting is another great traditional feature that fits in perfectly with a contemporary dining room style.

Styled living room

Transitional Home - lounge

In order to achieve the transitional style in your living room, the best way is to start with your colour palette. Your colours should be neutral and tame enough in order to allow furniture and art to take the central stage. However, beautiful furniture should be the star of the show with its clean lines, rich materials and visible comfort. If by any chance your living room has some traditional architectural elements like mouldings and trims, highlight them with clean-lined leather couch. You can also boost the interest of the space by introducing different textures and materials. For instance, wood elements, steel and metal accents and textured rattan and fabrics will all add style and depth to the space and make it look well-thought-out. You can also boost your living room’s interest with patterns. Neutral colours and clean lines allow you to be a bit bolder with patterns, so you can invest in some geometric carpets, intricate throws and textured decorative pillows.

Peaceful bedroom

Transitional Home - bedroom

A bedroom decorated in transitional design style can be a truly beautiful space full of peace and relaxation. In order to mix traditional and modern style, you can invest in a beautiful fabric bed frame that has both a traditional and contemporary vibe. You can also accompany your bed with some modern and minimalist side tables and smooth, elegant metal lamps. Floating shelves are also a great modern element that is both beautiful and practical. You can place them instead of your nightstands or use them for displaying your modern decorative elements.

Sanctuary in bathroom

Transitional Home- bathroom

In order to make your bathroom fit the transitional home style, you can introduce a few modern touches. For instance, glass, metal and ceramics are all great for boosting the contemporary vibe in your bathroom. A beautiful traditional clawfoot tub can be nicely matched with modern floor tiles and accompanied by contemporary fixtures.

If you want to renovate your home, but just can’t decide between modern interiors and traditional space, now you can have both with transitional home styling. So, feel free to try it out and you’ll end up with an elegant, comfortable and practical home.

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