5 Tips for a Functional and Stylish Home Office

5 Tips for a Functional and Stylish Home Office


Regardless if you are working full time from home or your job demands some outside office hours, a home office should be a place that inspires work and productivity. Contrary to popular belief, the size of the room doesn’t matter at all. In fact, spacious multi-purpose rooms can be quite distracting. With that said, cramped spaces are also not good. Instead of focusing on the size of your home office, you should try to improve its functionality. So, here are five great tips on how to create a functional yet stylish home office.

Start with a Chair

Stylish Home office - ergonomic chair

Every type of office needs a comfortable chair, including a stylish home office.

Because you will be spending hours at a time sitting in front of your office desk, it is essential to find a chair that won’t leave you with a sore back after work hours. There are thousands of viable options all over the internet, but the safest bet is to get an ergonomic chair. They offer great support for our lower back, as well as for every other region.

Shelves, Compartments, and Boxes

Stylish Home office - storage

Once you have your chair all figured out, you should proceed with creating space for your office supplies. No, you should not keep paperwork all over your desk, and yes, you should make use of your walls.

You can install various storage to store all of your files, office equipment, and so on. For example:

  • Shelves attached to the wall
  • Freestanding bookcase
  • Filling cabinet if you have a lot of paperwork
  • Set of drawers
  • Desk with inbuilt storage
  • Storage Boxes

An office needs storage to keep it functional. The de-cluttering effect will also improve your focus and productivity.

Stay Organised with Bulletin Board

Stylish Home office - bulletin boards

Sure, you have your smartphone and computer to keep track of important information for your work. However, you should hang a bulletin board as well.

Bulletin boards don’t just serve as reminders; they are also helpful with brainstorming and planning sessions. You can use>

  • Cork Boards
  • Whiteboards
  • Chalkboards
  • Blank wall and some blu-tack
  • Or a combination of the above!

So, find a nice spot, preferably somewhere highly visible, hang the board, and you will get a reminder for your tasks that don’t beep every hour or so like your smartphone does.

Make it Your Own

Stylish Home office - decorate

It’s hard to work and stay concentrated in a bland office space. So, don’t forget to inject a little bit of your own personality and style into your home office.

We don’t want to dictate what is modern today because everybody has a unique taste in decorations and accessories. However, we can point out some cool ideas that will liven up the place but still keep it professional looking.

  1. Hang some artwork, pictures, quote posters, etc. Wall art is a simple yet great way to freshen up your office space. You can even choose custom framing for your office artwork to make it really stand out.
  2. Buy some plants. There is nothing better for the office than a couple of green plants or flowers, whichever you prefer.
  3. Unique stationary or tools, maybe collectibles. These are items you can use in your job which are tailored to your taste or make you feel at home.

Make Sure it’s Properly Lit Up

Stylish Home office - lighting

Finally, let’s talk about lighting and how it is not only functional but can add to your stylish Home office.

Bad lighting is extremely bad for your eyesight. Not only will your office look bad, but your eyes will get tired more easily as well. That is why you will need to install a proper lighting system.

A powerful ceiling light with a desk lamp is the best combination.  One to light up the room and the other to focus on your work area.

Additionally, you can opt-in for LED light bulbs. They are much more efficient, and their light is more pleasing to the eyes.

Of course, there are a lot more creative ways to improve your home office, but these five are by far the most efficient ones. Regardless if you manage to implement just one or all five suggestions from this article, you will immediately see the effects that they have on the functionality and style of your home office.

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