Why Adding Garden Crystals Will Enhance Your Gardens Health

Why Adding Garden Crystals Will Enhance Your Gardens Health


Composting, fertilizing, watering, and weeding are some of the things that you do to ensure a healthy garden, right? We all want our garden beds brimming with vegetation and flowers. But did you know that garden crystals can also play a critical — albeit little known — role in your garden’s performance?

Yes, there’s a school of thought pushing the idea that integrating crystals with flowers or vegetables can have a real impact not only on growth but also on regeneration. Whether or not you believe in the power of crystals to give you a richer bounty, you owe it to yourself to at least learn about this phenomenon and to even try it out for yourself to see if it works for you.

So, what follows is a look at why you should be adding crystals to your garden, and this will be accomplished by looking at why you should do it and the different types of stones you can choose.

Why Should You Do it?

Garden crystals - why you should buy it

According to some sources, gemstone crystals have healing and regenerative powers that can heal the bodies and minds of people as well as the earth itself. The thinking behind this idea is that the crystals themselves were created in the earth over time and, if purposely and intentionally placed in and around your garden, can lead to plants that are not only healthier but also more productive. And don’t think that it’s only useful for your vegetables. Crystals can also benefit trees, shrubs, and flowers. So, if you use the right kinds of crystals, you can make your garden healthier, more productive, and more aesthetically pleasing

What Types of Garden Crystals?

Garden crystals - types

What follows is a look at some of the more popular crystals that you should add to your garden this spring for a garden that will be the envy of the neighbourhood:

Moss Agate: This crystal, which has been given the moniker of “the gardener’s talisman,” is a particularly good option if you want to bolster plant growth. Specifically, you can put moss agate stones into your garden in order to benefit from greater plant growth. An added bonus is that you can boost your own energy level and alleviate your soreness if you wear moss agate when doing your gardening duties like planting, weeding, or raking.

Malachite: You’ll have to go all the way back to at least the ancient Egyptians to see when the malachite stone was first used. These ancient Egyptians not only used this stone as a symbol of fertility but also associated it with, among other things, healthy crops. The malachite crystal is a healing stone as well so you can place it in your garden to facilitate growth and a substantial yield. If you don’t wish to bury a malachite stone in the ground, you can wear one of them on a string around your neck while gardening to have a similar impact on your crop.

Moonstone: This crystal symbolizes fertility and it’s an ideal stone to put in your garden. When in your garden, it will lead to healthy plants. You can wear this crystal while watering your garden or cutting the lawn. It’s also possible to keep it in your pocket when you’re gardening.

Green Calcite: This crystal is believed to belong to little earth spirits. It’s also believed that using one of these little stones with gratitude to these small earth spirits can lead to a beautiful garden. Green calcite is also able to bring about calm, which means that you can put some in a container and place it in any area of your garden or property where you believe there is a lack of calm.

Tourmaline: Green Tourmaline is well regarded for its healing properties. It is also known to increase the health properties of herbs. According to some sources, green tourmaline is used to accomplish balance.

Garden crystals - gemstones

Gemstone crystals definitely aren’t about beautiful jewelry that you can wear when enjoying a night out on the town. While they are definitely aesthetically pleasing, the right ones can also facilitate healing and prosperity for you and your garden. So, when springtime arrives and it’s time to get your garden started, remember to add garden crystals to see for yourself if it works.

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