What’s The Difference Between An Anchor Kit And Peg?

What’s The Difference Between An Anchor Kit And Peg?


What’s the difference between anchor kit and anchor pegs and when do you use them?


When you have an existing concrete slab where you’ll be putting up your shed, you will need anchor sets (also called concrete fixing kits) to bolt down your shed to the slab to keep it secure and in place.

An anchor set from Absco consists of 8 anchors. The kit consists of steel angle, dynabolts, and nuts and bolts for permanent fastened down fitting of the shed.

The anchor sets are included in the shed kits for all Spanbilt models and Cheap Sheds Range of products.


Anchor pegs are mainly used when you place your shed on a soft surface such as the grass or pavers.

The pegs are tapered metal that you can drive down a malleable surface.

anchor kit - anchor sets


Anchoring your shed is so important for your safety. You need to make sure the shed is secure in case you experience any high winds during storms.

Before buying a shed you should check out how to anchor your shed, what you require to do it correctly as well as the wind rating in your area. To help you, you can check out our Wind Calculator.

Click below to learn more:

anchor kit - AU garden sheds wind rating calculator

spanbilt assembly videos - link to assembly videos

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