International Composting Awareness Week 1-7 May

International Composting Awareness Week 1-7 May


Cheap Sheds is always on the lookout for ways to sustain our precious resources and environment.

The first week of May is the International Composting Awareness Week and I just want to make sure we do our bit to spread the message and emphases the importance of composting and compost uses between our readers.

Composting Awareness Week was established in Canada in 1995 and 11 years later Australia initiated the first event as well.

International Composting Awareness - Compost heap

Compost heap

Guess what, when I first came to Australia about 8 years ago I was extremely surprised how clean and beautiful this country was and since then I’m still amazed by how passionately people look after their environment. I just could not believe it when I first saw people going for a morning walk in my neighbourhood with a bag and while they were doing their daily exercise they were also collecting rubbish near the footpath.

I’ve been a ‘crazy’ environmentalist all my life but I have never seen anything like that in Europe or in any other countries I’ve been to.

I know there is a lot more that can be done in every area of our lives to save resources, reuse and recycle, just wanted to also acknowledge the fact that we are doing extremely well in Australia compare to other parts of the world.

Here is the thing…about 60% of the rubbish that gets to the landfill could be put to better use in the garden as compost and mulch or could be returned to the agricultural land to improve soil quality. Not to mention that this large amount of organically active material contributes to over 3% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions by producing methane and carbon dioxide in the landfill.

So, composting not just reduces our greenhouse gas emission but also improves our soil quality, and using compost in our gardening bed reduces the need for water by about 30%!

Here is a quick list of what you should and what you should not put into your home composting bin:

Good to go in compost:

•    vegetable and fruit scraps

•    vegetable oil

•    pruning and lawn clippings

•    tea bags and coffee, grounds,

•    vacuum dust

•    shredded paper and cardboard

•    used potting mix

•    eggshells and

•    flowers

No to go in compost:

•    meat and bones

•    dairy products

•    diseased plants

•    metals, plastic, and glass

•    animal manures

•    fat

•    magazines

•    large branches

•    weeds that have seeds or underground stems

•    bread or cake and

•    sawdust from treated timber

If you want to learn more about composting or about the International Composting Awareness Week, please visit

Please do your best for our planet 🙂

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