Jun Bai – Garden Shed [Customer Shed Review]

Jun Bai – Garden Shed [Customer Shed Review]


Name: Jun Bai
Location: Chipping Norton NSW
Shed Review:

Shed Review -  Jun Garden Sheds

Hi Cheap Sheds,

I must say that I have made the right decision to do the business with your company. The product and the service I received are truly wonderful. I will definitely recommend any of my friends to buy garden shed from you.

The story that I’d like to tell is that I made a little change on the installation of the roof. As attached photos.

I use it as storage for some items that were in my garage before. Now my garage is much tidier so that I can park my BMW in. This shed is also a small workshop for me. As you can see from the photos, there is a solar powered led light, which is very handy when it’s dark.

I cut down about 3-4 cm on each side of inside the roof beam so that the beam can lock into the side walls. I personally feel this makes it more stable and robust.

Love that garden shed! 🙂

Wish you have a nice Easter break!



Shed Review - Jun shed review

Shed Review - Jun shed review

Shed Review - Jun shed review

Shed Review - Jun shed review

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  • frances says:

    We live at milperra and want to view the shed, can we come to Chipping Norton and does delivery include unloading the shed?

    • Krisztian says:

      Hi Frances,

      Thanks for the comment, this shed is on a private property, it was sent to us by one of our happy customers.

      Unfortunately it is not available to be inspected as we cannot expect our customers to do that.

      Jun was kind enough to send us a bunch of good pictures that give us a great overview of the shed,
      so please do not hesitate to check out the pictures and read what Jun has to say about the product.

      Delivery does include unloading the shed and placing it within your property’s boundary.

      I hope above helps.


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