Allen & Brenda – Backyard Tennis Garage [Customer Review]

Allen & Brenda – Backyard Tennis Garage [Customer Review]


Name: Allen & Brenda Taylor
Location: Riverview QLD
Type Of Shed: Absco Highlander  5.96m x 3m x 2.3m Woodland Grey


Our “Tennis” Garage

I wouldn’t say that our shed is too unusual – it’s a high quality, easy to assemble shed that looks good and does a great job of storing things…. nothing unusual there, but the reason we bought it may leave some people scratching their heads!

Like all doting parents, we love our kids and want them to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life. So, when we decided as a family that our kids would learn to play tennis, we naturally wanted to be able to practice with them at home. The cemented area under our back deck was ‘okay’ to begin with, but the limited area, brick surrounds and overhead beams made playing tennis extremely difficult.

Tennis Shed - Highlander Garage [Customer Review]
We started thinking that a much better solution would be to empty our existing 6m x 9m garage (with 20 years of accumulation inside) and use this space for the kids to practice their ball skills and play backyard tennis.

But what would we do with all that stuff?

We found the solution in the form of CheapSheds and an Absco 6m x 3m Highlander which was erected UNDER our rear deck. It’s nicely tucked away, but very conveniently placed close to the house and electricity supply. Due to increasing pressure from the family to have the large shed emptied, not ALL of the de-cluttering was done before things were transferred from the old shed to the Highlander, so it’s still a work in progress.

The best part about this whole experience though is that the children now have a place to play backyard tennis, ride their bikes and just be kids, while we have a lot less clutter and a very usable multi-purpose area. The key to achieving all of this was the Highlander – a much-appreciated addition to our backyard, and one that will be used for decades to come!

Thanks, CheapSheds and Absco for fantastic service and a great product!!!

Allen & Brenda T.

Tennis Shed - Highlander Garage [Customer Review]

Tennis Shed - Highlander Garage [Customer Review]

Tennis Shed - Highlander Garage [Customer Review]

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