How to Make Sure Renovating Your Home Does Not Break Your Relationship

How to Make Sure Renovating Your Home Does Not Break Your Relationship


Renovating a home with your partner seems like a great bonding experience, but there is also the risk of it tearing you apart.

We have seen all the renovation and building shows on TV today, such as The Block and Reno Rumble, it is no wonder that couples are showing an increased interest in hands-on renovation projects around the home. The appeal is that you can work together as a team to achieve your home visions and goals.

However, there is a danger that it can have the opposite effect and start causing problems in your relationship. We have seen this happen time and again on TV as couples face challenges, or have opposing opinions and can self-destruct. Overall these kinds of activities can cause intense stress individually and on the relationship itself if not dealt with correctly.

So How Can You Avoid?

When things go bad and relationships fail during large home renovations, it may be because the couple has rushed into a large project. Having no experience in working together, they may not know how to work well together under pressure. You can see a lot of couples on shows like ‘The Block’ deals with this intense situation. This does not mean you should never embark on renovations or DIY projects together. If you and your partner are looking at doing some home renovations together sometime our advice is this…

You should start small before thinking big!

Try starting with something small before taking on the big projects. This will help you learn to work together effectively and minimize the chances of arguments and hurt feelings. If you and your partner are considering working on home improvements together, you should decide together on a simple project to get you started.

Baby Steps

Building a birdhouse (or small aviary) is an excellent way to gain confidence in construction skills and develop a working rapport with your partner. The average birdhouse can be built within an hour or two, and they’re fun to decorate and personalize. Your feathered friends will appreciate them as well, and there is always something well-dressed about a yard that features a unique birdhouse or two.

After you have successfully completed your birdhouse, you can then move on to something bigger. The next project that you and your partner can tackle together could be a storage shed. Although much bigger than a birdhouse, DIY shed kits are relatively easy to put together, and they’re an object that will come in handy in any household.

Moving up

Most storage sheds are multipurpose and hold a number of items, but you can pick custom-designed sheds to suit your particular needs. For instance, you may need a standard garden storage shed, or a hobby room, or a quiet workshop. You can add workbenches, windows, and skylights, choose a colour for the shed and add shelving.

Big Picture

After you’ve mastered building storage sheds together, you can then move onto other projects. You might, for instance, decide to add a small room to your home or build a guest cottage. The time may come in the future when your ambitions lead you to decide to build an entirely new home together. Whatever you do, the small projects you tackle together will make you strong and set the stage for you and your partner to work in harmony with one another.

Alan Drake a Cheap Sheds customer shared her story about how building a Cheap Shed Aviary with her husband-to-be just before the wedding

“Most couples wouldn’t think about putting up an aviary a couple of days before their big day, but we just couldn’t wait to see what it looked like. We were prepared for lots of arguments & a possible breakup even before we got married…”

Renovating - Alana Drake

Why not build something together small- IKEA furniture, a garden or aviary like our customers above.

 The sense of support and working together will get those happy and loving endorphins pumping 🙂

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