The Garden Shed I Built from Recycled Timber

The Garden Shed I Built from Recycled Timber


I get asked very often what was the garden shed like I built, that I am referring to on the front page video on the website.

Well, I thought I should share it with you as this question is to keep coming up. So here we go…

We moved into our first home and I was doing my favourite part, the landscape, and the gardening when I came to the area that I allocated for the storage shed. I went out and bought one that I ended up not using due to its very poor quality (I could go on how bad it was, but that’s not the point :)).

So I started to wrack my brain about what would be the best shed I could build that suits the design of the landscape I was creating in a small suburban backyard in the western suburbs of Brisbane. I am very keen on recycling and reusing (most of us, Australians think the same way, fortunately) so I started to consider if I could build a garden shed out of recycled materials.

Well, the house next door was being built and it was right on the boundary (yeah, even Brisbane blocks are getting smaller these days) and the timber fence was pulled down so that the bricklayers could work on the wall on the boundary.

So I decided to recycle the fencing timber and used that as the main material for the shed in the backyard. I cut the timber into 15 – 40mm wide strips (lengthways) and at random lengths and use that to build the walls up. As you can imagine it was a rather time-consuming way to build the shed but I was very pleased with the way how it looked from the beginning and did not mind putting the time in.

The shed was a small 3m x 1.2m building with a skillion roof.  You can check the outcome here on the below picture:

garden shed- recycled timber shed

Recycled Timber Garden Shed

I had put guttering on it and set it up collecting the rainwater from the roof into a small 200L water tank.

garden shed- recycled timber shed

Garden shed made out of recycled fencing timber

My shed ended up being one of the main features of the garden and had many nice comments from friends, family, and others visiting our place.

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