Keeping up with the Trends:  Timber DIY Trolleys & Carts

Keeping up with the Trends: Timber DIY Trolleys & Carts


Summer is around the corner and I’m sure some of you DIY folks are itching to start a new DIY project. But maybe instead of working ON the house maybe build something for the home, something practical that will get a lot of use over the warmer seasons… a Timber DIY Trolley

It may sound boring but there are plenty of great designs and uses for trolleys around the home. They can make life a lot easier and they are super easy and inexpensive to build.

Here are some examples of handy timber DIY trolleys and carts for the home and perhaps choose the one that best suits your needs…

The Leaner

Timber DIY Trolley & Carts- Leaner

If you love to entertain friends in the backyard, front yard, your patio, around the BBQ, and pretty much all over the house you may want to invest in building yourself ‘The Leaner”.

This trolley can be wheeled around anywhere you wish and is the perfect height for leaning, sitting around, and chatting. Aussie creator, Joel Murphy came up with this DIY Trolley on his own and built it from simple timber from the hardware store and some simple parts.

For more pictures and information on The Leaner check out>>

BBQ trolley

Timber DIY Trolley & Carts - BBQ trolley
If you love to BBQ during hot weekends then why not consider a BBQ trolley. It would save you numerous trips back to the kitchen to get all your supplies for the cook-off plus you can pile up the plates and cutlery onto it too- so you are all set to feast.

Neat idea: Why not add a section for a small esky to keep your drinks cold.

To find out how to build a BBQ timber DIY trolley check out this modern design and plans>>

Drink Cart

Timber DIY Trolley & Carts- Drinks server

Got a BBQ trolley or perhaps you are one of those lucky people who have everything on hand near the BBQ already? Well, maybe you would like to consider a Drink cart instead. It can be lightweight so you can roll it to where ever the party has moved to in your home.

You can use the provided design below which includes bottle holders but you can go a step further and add your own features such as a wine bucket or esky hole or even make slots to hang or hold your clean glasses in! The possibilities with this one are endless.

Neat idea: Don’t forget a built-in bottle opener!

Check out how to make a Drink cart go here>>,,20386160,00.html

Tool Trolley

Timber DIY Trolley & Carts- Tool Trolley

A tool trolley is a very popular item in a garage or workshop and if you don’t have one… make one. You will be so grateful. These neat trolleys will be home for your most common tools and you can wheel it around the garage or home when working on projects. It will keep your tools more organized and keep them all in one place while working.

Neat tip: First assess how many tools you have and need room for so you build the right style and size for your needs.

Neat idea: Consider adding drawers for those small bits and bobs like nails.

If you need a tool trolley ASAP then visit this page for instructions>>

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