Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Trolley “The Leaner”

Ultimate Backyard Entertainment Trolley “The Leaner”


Gather the lads or round up the neighbours and introduce them to The Leaner …

You may be wondering what ‘The Leaner’ is… well it is a drinks table for entertaining and it’s built on wheels. You may call it a trolley but its purpose goes much deeper than that.

The Leaner was created to provide a gathering point for your visitors. The party will be around The Leaner because it provides,

  • A table to lean on (where it got its name)
  • A place for your drinks
  • Somewhere to sit around and share a laugh

And best of all…It can go where you go!

Trolley - leaner

Imagine a perfect height table which you can wheel around to the perfect space depending on your needs. Be it in the driveway for your neighbourhood Friday drinks, maybe out the back by the barbie or into your Man Cave to watch the footy game with the lads.

Your Leaner goes where you want it.

It is easy to store, just wheel it into your shed or workshop where it can double up as a storage bench or workbench! Great huh!

What’s more, this backyard entertainment trolley is not going to cost you a lot of money! It is super easy to DIY and cost around $25 for the materials. All you need is some smarts and some time to put it together.

Stools are optional depending on how many guests you have and how long you will be entertaining for.

 The Leaner

Trolley - entertainer

Trolley - entertainer

Trolley - entertainer

As you can see it is made of raw timber frames, nails and a set of wheels. It’s merely the ability to line up the pieces, secure them and brace the tabletop so it’s secure.

Start with a design in mind, sketch it out or even follow the one in this blog.

There are many DIY designs online you can Google and I have provided you with 5 different options here> https://blog.cheapsheds.com.au/keeping-up-with-the-trends-5-timber-diy-trolleys-carts/

Next, write a list of what you will require for its construction before heading to the store. A general list would include:


  • Untreated or treated Pine Timber Framing
  • Nails
  • 2 wheels

Tools required:

  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Leveller
  • Pencil for marking measurements

Adding some wheels to one end of its legs is the tricky part. If you don’t measure out the length that they will add to the legs, the table will end up uneven. So with the help of some measuring tape, a saw and leveller, make sure to do this part carefully.

It’s a great weekend project, So why not clear your schedule this Sunday and build yourself a Leaner for your next get together!

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