How to Use Solar Energy to Power Your Garden Gadgets

How to Use Solar Energy to Power Your Garden Gadgets


Solar power is a renewable and natural energy resource that is becoming more popular in many areas of our life. Powering your home with solar energy is possible due to various solar-powered systems but it can now be used outside into your garden.

Implementing solar and sustainable practices in your gardening activities will not only benefit you but also the environment. It is a natural way of powering your garden that will decrease your waste of energy, money, as well as the carbon footprint you leave behind. Therefore, if you are wondering how you can take full advantage of solar energy to power your garden, here are some great tips.

Greenhouses and Solar Power

Solar Energy - greenhouse

Greenhouses are enclosed spaces where you can grow and maintain your plants, vegetables, flowers, whatever you choose to plant in your garden. They are ideal if you live in colder areas where your garden might not survive out in the open, but also if you simply want to have an enclosed garden in a more controlled environment, protected from the outside elements.

Greenhouses are also a perfect way to make use of the sun’s heat and energy, as it is designed to capture and absorb enough heat from the sun, i.e. solar power so that your plants inside it can grow. This kind of use of solar power is called passive solar, as the sun’s energy is used directly, without the use of other devices.

You can, however, install additional systems and devices that will actively use the heat from the sun, turning it into energy and power needed to heat your greenhouse, for example. You can use solar-powered heaters, as well as install solar panels in order to absorb as much energy as possible.

Solar Energy Lighting

Solar Energy - garden lights

Solar Energy - garden lights

In order to have a beautifully lit garden, so that you can enjoy it or do some work in it at night as well, you don’t have to waste electric energy and think about outdoor wiring, or whether it is possible at all. Solar lights are your best option as they can be installed literally anywhere around your garden, with no wiring and no hassle.

They are powered by the sun and charge throughout the day, absorbing and storing the sun’s energy, so that they can light up your garden at night. They can be staked in the ground, placed on the walls, on your patio, wherever you deem ideal, as long as they are in a sunny spot so that they can absorb the energy.

Sustainable Solar Irrigation

Solar Energy - retic

We tend to waste a lot of water and energy for the irrigation of our gardens, but that, too, can be reduced to a minimum with the help of a solar irrigation system. These kinds of systems come equipped with solar cells designed to absorb the energy from the sun and then turn it into electric energy that will pump water into your garden. Your plants need water the most when it is hot, dry, and sunny outside, and it is precisely at those times that your irrigation system will absorb the most energy and water your garden properly.

These solar energy irrigation systems can be fully automated, set to water the plants according to their needs, as well as set to turn on and off at certain times. Your garden will receive just the right amount of water and you will be using natural, free energy, without wasting money, water, or power.

Solar Gardening Gadgets

Solar Energy - lawn mower

There are many other aspects of your gardening where solar power can come in very handy. Many gardeners, for example, are confronted with the issue of pests and rodents causing damage in the garden. A great way of keeping them away is a solar pest repeller. It is a device that is powered by the sun and that usually uses ultrasonic waves and vibrations to keep the pest away.

Apart from that, you can also acquire a solar lawnmower, which further decreases the waste of energy when tending to your garden and the surrounding areas. It is a great and more efficient replacement for your conventional lawnmower.


The sun is a great, natural and renewable source of energy and power that can and should be used as much as possible. Gardening is one of the many areas where you can find great use of Solar energy and with the help of these tips you can surely make it more sustainable and eco-friendly.

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