6 Standout Landscape Design Trends for 2019

6 Standout Landscape Design Trends for 2019


Are you planning to reinvent your backyard? Lucky you are here because below are the top Landscape design trends for 2019.

Last year was about bringing the indoors – outdoors, this year it is all about bringing the inside out and making use of your natural environment. Traditional neatly lawned gardens are going out of style to make way for more functional and eco-friendly landscapes. A garden should be more than just a pretty scene when looking through a window.

Multi-functioning landscapes are what you should be aiming for in 2019. Make your garden a self-sufficient place that works for you, instead of you working to keep it neat and trimmed all the time. Focus on making the garden an extension of your home. Here are some innovative ideas on how you can invest in your garden according to the latest trends.

Automated Landscapes

Landscape Design Trends - automated lawn mower and programmable irrigation

Your days of lawn mowing are over now that new garden technologies are here. Automatic land mowers are becoming a hit all over the world. Yes, that’s not a joke! They exist just like the robot vacuum cleaners we have come to know.  Thanks to these gadgets, you can easily rest in the comfort of your home while robots do the work for you. Such an investment is crucial if you wish to have a tidy lawn without hiring a professional gardener, which can be fairly expensive.

You can also treat yourself to programmable irrigation systems, controlled by your phone app! So no matter where you are you can switch them on and off. These are easy to DIY if you have a system already. You install a controller, set your program, and connect your app! You can easily get the system at Bunnings, one I have already seen in use is Orbit b-Hyve Check it out!

Solar lights are also a nice auto lighting system you can consider to light up the yard. They are very inexpensive and all you have to do to install them is stake them in the ground.

A more advanced option is getting lighting electrical systems professionally installed which to can be controlled by an app or programmed to go on and off. Or even shade sails that retract and extend at the push of a button. These are perfect extensions of today’s smart homes.    

Decorative Concrete

Landscape Design Trends - decorative concrete

Landscape Design Trends - decorative concrete

If you have a bigger lawn and a long, rainy period comes up, you know how awful things can get. With mud all around, it’s basically impossible to do your gardening and keep the lawn in impeccable order. However, there are ways to solve this problem by adding decorative concrete elements by a professional.

You can enhance the look of your yard with polished concrete that is known for its durability and garden-transforming effects. Aggregate which adds beautiful colour and texture to a driveaway or pool, or maybe try simple colours limestone with a pattern to make it pop. Concrete is like a canvas and there are many options to create a masterpiece!

Besides the stylish finish and modern uplift,a good reasons to buy concrete is its long-lasting, its easy to clean and maintain.  

Private Oasis

Landscape Design Trends - outdoor personal space

In the busy 2019 everyday chaos, you can’t wait to come home from work and just lie in bed at least for a while. Why not lie in your garden instead? Bringing the inside out means making use of your garden as a place where you can spend most of your day. Being in the fresh air and surrounded by grass and flowers can be a fully refreshing experience, and even do more for your health than an afternoon nap.

You can even make yourself an outdoor office if you have to work from home. All you need is a long electricity cable and quality sun and rain protection. Working outside in the sunlight boosts energy, makes you more efficient, and also levels up your dopamine, which leads to overall satisfaction. Maybe this is just the change you needed to improve your lifestyle and work performance.

Gorgeous Pergolas

Landscape Design Trends - high tech pergolas

Pergolas never run out of style, but your grandmother’s pergola can’t last forever. What pergolas in 2019 offer are enclosed spaces with heaters, state-of-the-art sound systems, and automatic built-in lighting? You can install all of these using a DIY manual, but this still won’t help the wood last longer.

If you wish to really make use of your pergola, try making it a focal piece of your garden, and build everything else around it. One pergola per garden is just about enough. Make your pergola a place for rest and relaxation, an open space for friends to sit and chat, play games of having a nice, family dinner. If you can make it rain-resistant, too, then you’ve got yourself a real deal.

Grow Your Garden

Landscape Design Trends - growing your own garden

Finally, there is no good garden without plants. There are several reasons why growing your own fruit, vegetables and decorative plants can be a fulfilling experience. First of all, you know where your food comes from. Moreover, little garden plantations are marvelous decorations in any backyard. The more you grow, the better.

Growing your own garden enables you to have organic food at any time and lead a healthier diet. Surely you will eat more veggies once you grow them on your own because you wouldn’t want them to go to waste. Plants such as artichoke, asparagus, rosemary, and salad crops are perfect choices for smaller gardens. So, grab a plow and get to work, your dream garden waits for you to create it!

Salvage & Recycle

Landscape Design Trends - salvage and recycle

Landscape Design Trends - salvage and recycle

You’ve probably got some stashed stuff somewhere in an old barn or basement. From ruined pieces of furniture to old toys and technology, everything can be of use for your garden transformation. All you need is a bit of effort and a little more creativity, and you can make the best of both – use the old stuff (that you consider junk) and create something new while investing almost nothing.

Grab a bucket of paint, a couple of screwdrivers and pliers, and get to work. If you lack inspiration, DIY tutorials can be a good starting point. You will be even more satisfied with the results since the new garden elements will be your own work.

So good luck with reinventing your garden in 2019, I hope these landscape design trends inspired you!

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