Cheap Sheds Wins Australias Most Trusted Retailer

Cheap Sheds Wins Australias Most Trusted Retailer


That’s right! Cheap Sheds has been named Australia’s Most Trusted Retailer in the inaugural Australian Trust Awards!

Winning this award is an amazing recognition for us as a small business, especially since we beat Kmart, one of the mega department stores here.

Trust between your customers and you as a business is probably the most important transaction in the online industry and it’s certainly at the core of our business and its success.

We have participated, been finalists, and won other awards relate to turnover or profitability, or customer service, but to be voted by our customers as the most TRUSTED retailer is the only award that truly speaks to our heart.

Why we are Australia’s Most Trusted Retailer

Cheap Sheds is not just an Online Retailer, we are problem solvers and have been helping Australians find quality storage solutions for 7 years. We are the largest and longest-standing online retailer in this market and it comes down to the TRUST we have in the community.

As voted by our customers, we are one of The Most Trusted Retailers in Australia, but let us share with you why and you will certainly have to agree.

We have been operating purely online since day one and have continued to provide a unique and excellent shopping experience for our customers (and always improving).

We have built our company based on TRUST. Our customers trust that they are getting the best service and top quality products (not inferior imports) from us and we deliver exactly that.

Just like everyone else who has had a bad shopping experience online, we too have had them and it is exactly why we have made the customer our core value, and improving their experience comes first and beyond anything else.

We have previously been featured by the Australian Government for our excellent customer service which is not an easy feat for online retailers. But we have nailed it because our hearts are in it.

We have also been featured many times in the media including our customers who are our heroes.

The sales are keep growing and we could run through our achievements, but the evidence is in the stories from our customers. It’s hard to share one out of a hundred stories, so please take a moment to see for yourself.

This is the most recent feedback we received from Ruth Mackay  

“Can I say how absolutely chuffed we are at the customer service from you and the team – absolute legend. Shame we will probably not buy many sheds in our lifetime, but you bet we will be telling our friends about you”.

Photos of some of our happy customers 🙂

About The Trust Awards

The Australian Trust Awards was created as a celebration of the most trusted, respected, and loved businesses in Australia.

Organizer Michelle Clarke of Talent Dynamics said the awards sought to shine a light on the firms that are promoting values and delivering on them.

“There’s no doubt that trust is at an all-time low, so it’s time to take a stand and promote those who are doing the best by their customers and team members,” said Ms. Clarke.

“Cheap Sheds won this award because their customers and staff took the time to vote for them,” she said.

“These are the people who see and feel how much a business values them.”

Most Trusted Retailer - awards

Most Trusted Retailer - awards Most Trusted Retailer - awards

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