The Ultimate Guide to Houseplants

The Ultimate Guide to Houseplants


It really does seem to be a no-brainer to have houseplants in our homes. They provide us with a lot of great benefits, some you are probably not even aware of! They are great for fresh decor, they are good for your mental health and they clean your air! We went into some detail about the benefits in our article Why Being a Crazy Plant Lady is Good for Your Health, but what gets most people in selecting the right houseplants for the indoors.

Below are some examples of what works in which room


If you’re looking for a good plant for the bathroom, you’ll want one that needs only minimal sunlight. For example, the Chinese Evergreen thrives in winter and only needs to be watered every couple of days.


The same goes for plants in the bedroom and it’s usually best to go for ones that require minimal sunlight. The Snake Plant only needs minimal direct sunlight. It also requires very little maintenance and it only needs watering once or twice a month and even less in winter.

Living Room

For the living room, you want plants that flourish in indirect sunlight as some living rooms have more indirect sunlight than direct. The Spider Plant is great for the living room as it flourishes in this type of light.


For the kitchen, you want plants that need a lot of sun. For example, the Aloe Vera plant flourishes in bright sunlight and the great thing is they need only to be watered about once a month.

All of these plants are extremely affordable and it’s best to buy to start with and see how they fit your lifestyle. 

Below is a great infographic, The Ultimate Houseplant Guide from Capital Garden Services who show you the best indoor plants for the home.

Houseplants - cheat sheet

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