Garden Sheds Becoming an Architectural Trend

Garden Sheds Becoming an Architectural Trend


Today, the Garden Shed has become an Architectural Trend with people turning them into more than just potting sheds. The ideas people have will amaze you!

It is a small place that can make dreams come true.

People are exploring many possibilities of how to utilize a shed space to let out their skills, desires, and creativity. They are finding ways to re-purpose this small shelter to provide them much more than it used to.

We are seeing designs from all over the world of really cool sheds being used in many different ways.

Lloyd Alter takes a look at this phenomenon in the following article >> Garden Sheds Become an Explosion of Architectural Experimentation

What’s more is our very own Cheap Sheds customers who also show their flair in originality, creativity, and engineering when it comes to creating their backyard dream shed.

We have seen…

3 Observatories
Home offices

A tennis garage
Batman Cave
Two workshops built on stilts in a forest
A chicken coop hotel
Rescue shelters
A drum studio
Many man caves

And much more!

Cocktail Bar

Architectural Trend - bar
Architectural Trend - garden shed

The Space Observatory

Architectural Trend - Space Observatory

Architectural Trend - observatory

Animal Shelter

Architectural Trend - animal shelter

Architectural Trend - Animal Shelter

Chooky Hilton

Architectural Trend - Chooky Hilton

Drum Studio

Architectural Trend - Drum Studio

Architectural Trend - Drum Studio

Architectural Trend - Drum Studio

Architectural Trend - Drum studio

 Toilet shed

Architectural Trend - Toilet Shed

Architectural Trend - Toilet Shed


Architectural Trend - batcave

We are just astounded by what we see from our customers SO we have collected them and put them up in our Customer Centre.

You can check all our reviews and photos from customers here>

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