The OTW Shed, Perfect Storage Solution for Small Homes

The OTW Shed, Perfect Storage Solution for Small Homes


Shed designers and engineers are always looking for new ways to improve the quality and functionality of storage sheds. They often look at what customers are doing or asking for and find ways to make it happen.

This is exactly how the new range of OTW storage sheds came to be in our store.

We have found that the most popular place for a garden shed is ‘off the wall’ or a fence of the home. Placing your shed against either a fence or wall, not only saves space but also ensures it does not stick out like a sore thumb.

OTW stands for “ Off The Wall”

What’s different about the ‘Off the Wall’ sheds to your regular slim garden sheds, is the back wall panel has been removed from the kit and you have been provided with wall anchors. This means your shed sits up against the wall, with the wall acting as the back panel, and you anchor it against the wall instead of the floor.

The best thing about this design is it comes at a reduced price plus makes assembly easier.

This range has some great features…

1. They come in a selection of sizes

2. You can choose between a Zinc, Colour Steel or Timber

3. All sheds come with hinged doors

4. A sloping roof, which enables water to run off away from the wall

5. Comes with up to 20 years warranty

They are manufactured from low maintenance, top-grade steel, and have been tried and tested to endure the harshest Australian weather.

otw shed for small home - range

So if you need a storage solution to keep your outdoor belongings in but have limited room, check out the OTW range which is affordable and convenient.

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