Planning a Camping Trip? Time to Get Your Camping Gear Out of The Shed

Planning a Camping Trip? Time to Get Your Camping Gear Out of The Shed


We’re at the end of summer and before you know it, Easter will be upon us. Now is the perfect time to dig out the camping gear from the shed and give it a good check-up.

To help, we have some essential tips for storing and maintaining your camping equipment:

Storing Your Camping Gear

Strange things can happen to camp gear or equipment while it is stored away for the winter. One of the worst things you can do is wait until you’re in the middle of nowhere before discovering your camping gear isn’t working properly.

Clearly labeled plastic boxes will protect your gear from water and insect damage plus they can be stored neatly in your shed. You can also store camping gear in your backpack or suitcases to save space. Always make sure your gear is clean and dry before storing.

Camping Checklists

Do you find that every time you go camping there’s at least one thing you wish you’d packed? A camping checklist will prepare you for your next camping trip. We recommend keeping one in your backpack and taping another to the front of your camping storage boxes. The checklist will let you know when things need replacing and will take the guesswork out of planning your next trip.

Make sure to replace lost or damaged gear before your next camping trip. You may not feel like it with a hot shower beckoning but a bit of care at the end of the trip may save you heaps of pain later on!

Checking Your Camping Gear

camping gear - Burke & Wills Coolabah Single Swag

1. Set up your tent or swag:
Test zips and poles, count pegs, check for holes and loose stitching in the fabric and look for any unwanted guests that might have chosen your tent as their new home over the winter (shudder). This applies to new tents as much as old tents. It’s a good idea to air your tent if it hasn’t been used for a while.

camping gear - Moondyne Geneva Sleeping Bag2. Give your sleeping bag the once over:

Nothing like snuggling up into your sleeping bag on the first night under the stars only to find the zip doesn’t work, the stitching is coming loose and there are sure signs that some bugs have been holed up in there. If it’s been in the shed for a while, you should also give your sleeping bag a good airing before the trip. This allows your bag to fully loft which will keep you warm. It may be summer but it can still get pretty cold overnight, especially if you’re camping inland.

camping gear - Blow up camping mattress

3. Pump up the air mattress:
This is a must. You don’t want to return to your campsite at the end of a long hike, ready to slump into your airbed, only to find it has a leak.

camping gear - pots

4. Check your cooking gear:
Clean the burners, make sure they are unclogged and all the fittings are tight. Obviously, the best advice for cooking equipment is to clean everything thoroughly before you put them into storage. But we know from experience, that’s easier said than done! So give everything a thorough check and clean before risking your health. Also, replenish your fuel if needed.

camping gear - Coast HP7 Torch5. Power up:
Make sure your torches are stocked with new batteries and all bulbs are in working order. Coast offers a comprehensive range of torches if you need a new torch.

camping gear - Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit

6. First aid kit:
Throw out anything past its use-by-date and check whether anything needs replacing. Tip: you can never have enough band-aids. If you’re adventurous and plan on hiking to your campsite pack additional items such as a whistle and a thermal blanket.

The Bear Grylls Survival Kit has everything you need and more!

By taking care of this now, a few weeks before your Easter camping trip, you’ll have time to make the necessary repairs or buy any replacement equipment. Better yet, there’s heaps of time to do your research on the exciting new camping gear out there!

camping gear - Camping check list

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