Smart Ways to Optimise Your Garage Security & Avoid Being Robbed

Smart Ways to Optimise Your Garage Security & Avoid Being Robbed


Garages in the backyard or attached to the home offers many benefits and conveniences. It not only houses your family car, but it also provides additional storage for your numerous valuable items, such as tools, gardening equipment, bicycles, or motorcycles. Therefore, it’s not surprising that they are often targeted by burglars. So you should priorities your garage security or risk losing valuable items you have invested a lot of money in. 

By taking a few simple steps and incorporating specific security measures, you can significantly increase your garage security and minimize the risk of burglary.

Window Security

Garage Security - window security

Burglars usually stake out a property before attempting to break in, so a clever and practical prevention measure is to close the blinds or pull the curtains to prevent them from peering into your home.

The same goes for garage security – cover the windows just as you would do in the house you live in. You can install simple curtains or replace window panes with frosted glass. If that’s too expensive, consider covering your existing panes with opaque film and you’ll block all view from the outside, but the light will still penetrate in. To take it one step further, you can install window bars, for additional safety.

Electronic Locks for Doors

Garage Security - door locks

As a garage shed can give easy access to the rest of your house, it’s imperative you make changes to the door as well. These doors should have the same treatment as any other exterior doors on the main house. Most people put on ordinary locks, padlocks, and clasps that can easily be picked or broken, but the best thing you can do, besides replacing it with a stronger and sturdier version, is to opt for a smarter, high-tech solution such as an electronic lock. This will require much more skill and knowledge to pick so it will discourage most burglars.

In addition, use a strong, durable material to build your garage shed doors, such as solid wood or metal, strengthen the frame, and secure the hinges with coach bolts.

Affordable & Easy Security Camera

Garage Security - cameras

Install a security monitor and motion detector lights.

The best form of protection is having a security monitoring system. It should be connected to the main house security system and if there’s ever an attempted burglary, the alarm will go off and alert the emergency services.

That’s the obvious and sometimes costly choice. There are other options these days for security cameras. DIY cameras running which connect to an app on your phone can send you screenshots or footage of motion sense activity. Costs no more than $30 and just needs to be plugged in. It won’t set off an alarm but you can speak through the system OR you at least capture the culprits in action.

Another most commonly used means of protecting your garage shed in the backyard is installing motion sensor lights around it. These detectors use infrared waves that can detect warm objects such as cars, animals, or people, and when motion is detected, lights are turned on that stay for a pre-set time. This is what scares off the intruders and also gets your attention.

Clever Key Hiding Spots (Not in the Pot Plant!)

Garage Security - hide

Most often, garage keys are left under the closest plant or under the mat. That’s the first habit you need to shake off, no matter how convenient it is to leave them there. Leaving your key in such predictable places is like giving the green light to burglars to go in your garage shed and just take whatever they like.

Try to be more creative and keep the key in less predictable places, such as:

  • behind the AC unit, round
  • Your dog’s collar
  • Fake sprinkler.

If the key still gets misplaced or lost, always make sure you have your local 24-hour locksmith in your phone book to call to the rescue. Better to have lost the key than to have been burgled right?


Even though your garage is not a part of your living space, be sure to secure it well. Don’t let burglars feel confident and comfortable enough to break in and steal your possessions. With minor adjustments and additions to your garage security, you will significantly improve your home’s overall protection.

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