The Aussie Backyard is Shrinking, So How do You Adjust?

The Aussie Backyard is Shrinking, So How do You Adjust?


Aussie backyard living is changing as our houses are getting bigger and bigger while our gardens are shrinking.

Before the 90’s the Australian’s backyards were significantly bigger, quarter-acre or even larger blocks were very common in most areas.

Being a kid was a lot different back then and the time that is being spent in front of the computers nowadays was mainly enjoyed in the backyard.

As a result of our changing demographics, Australian homes are getting bigger and their backyards are decreasing. Houses built after the ’90s are taking up 40-50% of the blocks and the average land size is well below a quarter-acre.

Most of the suburban homes have large concrete or paved areas and their small gardens are very low maintenance. With lifestyle changes, today’s’ people are way too busy to look after their lawn or garden, and they want to spend their free time with a different type of activities.

Smaller gardens, low maintenance plants, less work, and therefore means less gardening tools are needed?

Well, in fact, our storage needs are as big as ever! The traditional garden shed is now also a storage shed for all kinds of things to meet our needs:

  • Outside accessories for your patio or entertaining areas
  • Outdoor equipment such as camping, fishing, and biking gear
  • Kids garden toys
  • General household items that have no home inside.

So with big storage needs and little gardens how do you adjust?

For homes with a small green block, the slimline garden storage units are the most ideal storage solutions to keep gardening tools and backyard equipment safe and away from the sun.

Aussie Backyard - garden shed

As a result of the transformation of our demographics, the demand for the smaller size garden sheds has increased as well. Our Absco Spacesaver slimline storage units and some of our YardSaver models are the most popular sheds in medium and high-density urban areas. They can be placed right against the wall to save even more space in the already tiny backyards and the roofs drive the rain away from the house sloping towards the front of the shed.

Aussie Backyard - garden shed the customer

These units come in flat-pack made for the do it yourself market and can be easily assembled within a few hours.

Aussie Backyard - DIY shed

To find out more about all the things you need to consider for your type of living in your city, why not check out our City Pages:

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