What Type of Door Should I Choose?

What Type of Door Should I Choose?


Different sheds come with different types of doors. These are the Garden Shed Doors  available:

  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Rollers doors

Hinged Doors

Garden Shed Doors - hinged

The most common door type is the swinging door. Most sheds have double-hinged doors while a few have only a single door- depending on the shed that you are interested in.

Absco sheds come with 750mm wall panels and a single door is equivalent to one wall panel.  Thus, for these manufacturers, single hinged door shed models have an opening of 750mm while the double hinged doors would simply be twice as large with an opening of 1500mm.

Spanbilt sheds, on the other hand, have various sizes for the door opening from a minimum of 635mm to 981mm for single door models.

The double hinged door type will give more room when moving large objects in and out of the shed while ensuring a durable opening.

Small-sized sheds normally have single doors while most workshops measuring about 4m and above would offer double swinging doors and a single personal access door, depending on the models.

Sliding doors

Garden Shed Doors - Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for spaces with limited access as swinging doors take up space.  Absco only offers the Ezislider for this door type. This will give the flexibility to choose the door type according to your preference.

Roller Doors

Garden Shed Doors - Roller Doors

Finally, we have one model of the shed that supports a roller door and they are the Smartlockers by Spanbilt.

These doors roll up like a garage door so they fit neatly in tight places and do not require room to open up the door. It also gives you a much bigger opening to access your items as you can see.

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