How to Avoid Water Damage to Your Homes Foundation

How to Avoid Water Damage to Your Homes Foundation


You’ve invested a lot into your house so it’s natural to want to protect and maintain all parts of it, including the foundation. There are MANY issues we face when taking care of our homes but one of the most is water damage.

Damage to the foundation is a horror to deal with and that’s why today I want to share some important information to equip you on how to avoid water damage and fixing any potential issues.

How to Recognise Water Damage

Water Damage - Leaking taps

Though I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I want to be as realistic as possible…

It’s important to note that hidden leaks not only compromise the foundation of the structure in the long term but also lead to utility bills that will increase drastically over time. The reasoning is that you will be paying for the leaking water, as well as the water that you’re using.

The number one telltale sign that water damage has occurred is leaking.

TIP: Keep an ear open for hissing pipes and keep your eyes on any faucets that may be dripping or toilets that are potentially clogged.

Early identification is the best way to keep your money in your wallet and to hold on to your sanity. When you ignore tell-tale signs like these, the costs creep up and it becomes nearly impossible for you to fix water damage without the help of professionals. That being said, issues like pipe leaks can be very serious, even early on. I recommend consulting with experts, even if you don’t leverage their services.

Those are the most obvious signs, but some are more obtuse. 

TIPS: Look out for stains and discoloration on your walls, floor or ceiling, concrete that is crumbling, and any rot or mold that you find, especially at the base of walls or on the floor.

Concerned that you have foundation damage even if you don’t see any of these signs?

There’s one surefire way to diagnose. I recommend that you turn off your water main for at least a few hours. Keep an eye on the meter. Has it changed? If so, there is a leak somewhere- even if you can’t see it. In scenarios like this, call your local plumber. You’re still far better off than letting the problem grow.

Tips to Avoid Water Damage

Water Damage - Gutter

Are you an avid gardener? When planning your landscaping, ensure that no plants are too close to the home’s foundation. The roots can easily snarl at the base of the structure and aid water damage.

I recommend that you do your own inspections every three to six months.

After heavy rainfall, it’s also a smart idea to run through the following:

  • Clean all gutters
  • Examine all downspouts of water and ensure that they’re emptying at least two yards away from your home
  • Look for, and fix any broken tiles on your roof

Don’t enjoy gardening or maintenance (don’t worry many are on your side), then we highly suggest you ask a professional to check your house foundation every so often, especially if you notice signs outlined above or just as a regular maintenance check.

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