Top Fathers Day Gift Ideas for DIY Dads

Top Fathers Day Gift Ideas for DIY Dads


He used to read you stories at night before bed. He dropped you and your friends off at the shops. He convinced your Mum that the expensive bicycle you wanted was worth the money. He made sure that any time you felt lost or needed advice, you had a stable place to turn.

He’s your Dad, your mentor, your hero–and he deserves the best you can offer.

Yikes! Those are powerful words to be held to. The good news is, this means a bit something different for every Dad. After a lifetime of getting to know yours, it shouldn’t be a mind-jarring experience to find a genuinely great gift for him.

To be frank… a great gift can sometimes require a bit of work… but for many Dads (much like my own), they love getting their hands dirty and showing off their handy work, particularly when it’s in front of his kids.

So below I listed my top DIY gift ideas for the DIY Dads.

1. Build a…Raised Garden Bed kit

Sources: Sunset .com and Isave

There is nothing more bonding than building a raised garden bed with the family. It is something everyone can join in and you can choose from many different plants to grow…you can even start a veggie garden!

fathers day gift ideas = garden bed

fathers day gift ideas - garden bed

2. Build a…Fire pit

Source: Always Chasing Life Blog

Fire pits are super easy and becoming a huge trend in backyards. So why not build one with your Dad? It will add a great entertainment area to the back yard and can be the highlight at family gets togethers. There is nothing better than an open fire, marshmallows and good company. Your Dad will just love his fire pit- who wouldn’t!

fathers day gift ideas - fire pit

fathers day gift ideas - fire pit

3. Build a… Garden or Storage Shed


Everyone is doing it these days. Garden sheds have become all the rage around the world.  Who doesn’t want their own space to hold their dreams and support their hobbies? If your dad likes woodworking, auto mechanics, has collections, paints, or likes to sing out of key, giving him his very own space to do what he loves.

‘Every man needs his castle’ and you can easily buy an affordable DIY Sheds here online or at hardware stores. You can spend the afternoon putting together a shed with your Dad and he will have his own castle in no time (Plus your mum will be pleased with the clean garage and backyard).

If he already has a shed, then NO PROBLEM!  Give his garden shed a makeover! Time can dull the tiny domain where Dad stores his treasures so a new coat of paint or even a power wash renews the look. Maybe work with him to add some new features like a new work bench, a window or even a ramp to make taking things in and out a breeze. You surely cant go wrong show his prize space some attention on Father’s day.

fathers day gift ideas - garden sheds


4. Build a… Hammock

Source: Design Sponge

Does you Dad enjoy the outdoors? Well he will like it even better when he can have a relaxing spot to ‘chill out’. Hammocks are easy to make or you can buy one online. You can choose the design and set it up in the perfect spot.

fathers day gift ideas - hammock

fathers day gift ideas= hammock


5. Build a…Beer Cooler Outdoor Table

Source: Domesticated engineer

This is a pretty cool party trick… Build an outside entertaining table with secret cooler compartments. You and your Dad can get the plan from the Domesticated Engineer and have a lot of fun with this project. Just be wary it’s not for beginners, but boy! It will be a great piece of furniture to have in the backyard once your done!

fathers day gift ideas - cooler table


6. Pizza Oven

Source: Better homes and gardens

This project may take a few days but it is well worth it! Who wouldn’t want a Pizza Oven in their backyard? Thanks to Better Homes and Gardens, you can now easily download a set of Instructions ready for you to use. With the right materials and these easy instructions your Dad can soon have an amazing Pizza oven going in the backyard. Image that… fresh tasty pizzas for the whole family.

fathers day gift ideas

fathers day gift ideas - pizza oven

7. Outdoor Gathering

Ask most dads what the most important thing to them has been in their lives and you will likely hear that family and relationships with others, including friends, brought them the most joy and satisfaction. Understanding that these things do not fit in a box with a bow on it can lead one in the direction of other gifts that revolve around building beautiful memories. Print a social calendar that involves Dad’s favorite people, music, and food and then plan to make these gatherings unforgettable.

fathers day gift ideas - bbq

When finalizing your gift choice for Father’s Day, remember that giving Dad the best you can offer is about quality and depth, not about the money.




  • Krisztian says:

    Great post Michelle. I can’t think of a better idea for a father – son bounding than a great DIY project and you listed some awesome ones for sure.

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks Krisztian, and its true about Bonding time! Even for daughters. I dont think we see enough kids outside working on projects with their Dads anymore. Some of the best family memories I have are of doing things together as a family. We built a fort one year when I was young with my Dad. It was a pretty cool Fort 🙂

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