Wayne Lilley – Backyard Shed

Wayne Lilley – Backyard Shed


Name: Wayne Lilley
Location: Barden Ridge NSW


I use my shed for a garden shed; to store the bigger and bulkier of the garden tools and free up some space in my garage.

My wife had been “motivating” me to get an erect a garden sheds for years and I believe had reached the point that she believed I never would. I knew that it would eventually happen. My wife almost couldn’t believe it when I did order your shed. But even then its erection didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. (no fault of your shed).
I’m just not that practical.

I needed the help of my boys; which wasn’t always available but progress did occur and the panels were all assembled. Now it came to joining the panels together.

As none of us are great with our hands, this became a whole family affair with even my wife and daughter giving assistance in holding panels in place.

Even after missing my daughter’s finger by fractions of a millimetre; and having my son miss my finger by mils, our method struck pay dirt. I changed my position by a handsbreadth and so did my son. the result: he got my thumb full-on and final completion had to wait till after a visit to the medical centre and time for my thumb to be less tender.

The remainder of the assembly completed without any significant incidents.

While my shed is not constructed perfectly; I am pleased with the results and so is my wife.

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