Give your Garden a Spring Clean!

Give your Garden a Spring Clean!


Spring is the time to start planting your garden with summer in mind. You want to choose the flowers and plants you want to adorn your garden in during the warmer seasons which will come to life early summer.

In one of our recent blogs, we shared with you a list of some ideal plants and vegetables to plant during this season. Now we want to help you prepare your garden for the coming year and to make sure it’s the best it’s even been.

Your garden might  look a little sparse at first but by following the tips below from HomeLife, you will have a lush garden in no time!

 10 MUST-DO Spring Gardening Chores : 1. Fertilise all plants and lawns as growth resumes. 2. Prune hibiscus and also prune plants that flowered in winter and early spring. 3. Plant herbs. 4. Weed and renew mulches on garden beds. 5. Divide and repot cymbidium orchids after flowering. 6. Watch for pests on new growth such as aphids and snails. Aphids can be squashed or treated. Snails and slugs can be trapped or deterred. 7. Repot potted plants that are root bound. 8. Divide herbaceous clumping plants as new growth resumes. 9. Dead head spring annuals and bulbs. 10. Plant seeds for flowers and vegies for summer

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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