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YardSaver Garden Sheds Assembly Videos

YardSaver garden sheds assembly videos is now available here at Cheap Sheds.

Please visit below the entire assembly process of the actual Spanbilt YardSaver garden sheds documented Step-by-Step on expertly recorded videos to make your own assembly process more easier.

The operation is recorded and available below from opening the package to finish the actual completing touches.

You can contact us if you have any questions concerning the process or concerning the products.


Part 1 – Preparation

Part 2 – Rear Walls

Part 3 – Front Walls

Part 4 – Side Walls

Part 5 – Joining Walls

Part 6a – Skillion Flat Roof

Part 6b – Gable Roof

Part 7 – Doors

Part 8 – Finishing

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  • Brenton Thomas says:

    What happened to part 5……joining walls? The video on here is a repeat of how to put all the walls together not how the join the panels together once each one is completed…..

  • Wayne Jeffs says:

    Part 5 video is the same as Part 4.

  • Krisztian says:

    It is the same Wayne, thank you for picking that up, I’ll get that fixed on Monday.