The ‘Out of This World’ Customer Service Experience at Cheap Sheds

The ‘Out of This World’ Customer Service Experience at Cheap Sheds


If you haven’t already heard, Cheap Sheds has been recognised by the Federal Government for its online customer service as well as received a ‘Service Excellent Award’ July this year. Not only that, but we have also been featured by companies such as PayPal as role models for other online retailers.

I don’t mean to brag but we just wanted to share our progress with our community as we have worked many years to perfect our service and build our reputation… and in this economic climate, its not always easy.

We already announced the launch of our new website a few months ago which has been one of our major projects over the last year but its every little detail that has gotten us to where we are today, Australia’s leading Shed online retailer.

We have dedicated 100% of our efforts to ensuring only shoppers who come to our website are taken care of and that their shopping experience is enjoyable and easy!

To give you insight to why we are so highly recommended and recognised for our customer services here is a breakdown of our key points of difference:

Contact Methods

We offer a range of contact methods where by customers can get hold of us. Often online retailers are difficult to get in contact with when you want product information or following up an order.

Our customers can chat to us on the phone, email us, fill in a contact form and chat to us live on our website. We are also socially connected so we often have people enquire or chat to us on twitter, facebook, google+ etc.

Our most popular method is the online chat. But unlike other companies who use the chat but are never ‘online’ we have a customer service team ready during business hours to attend any queries.

Which brings me to the next most important factor

The Power of real people

We have real people tending to customer enquires both on the phone, emails and website chat. We understand our customers are real people with real needs and to be able to help them we need a trained and understanding customer team helping them on the other end.

We also have a team, not just one admin person talking to customers. Having more than one person available to help ensures we can serve more people quicker.


Keeping in Touch

We also understand that buying a shed garage, carport etc. is a large investment and you are putting a lot of trust in us as an online retailer. This is why we ensure you are kept up to date on the progress of your order and are on hand if you have any questions. We stay in touch to right after your order is received to ensure it’s delivered and you are satisfied.

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New Site Design

Besides the one on one service we also have spent many days and nights and all our resources on designing the best website store possible. We have kept you the customer at the forefront of our business model to ensure you have an easy and safe experience while shopping online in our store.

It really is the little details that count and here are some outstanding features of our website which makes life easier for you:

  • One step checkout which makes getting your business easy and quicker without having to navigate through tons of pages.
  • Help Centre- which gives you everything you need to make an informed decision about your purchase and beyond
    Help Centre2
  • Social Centre is a great place to keep up to date with our latest movements, videos and specials
    social Centre
  • Mega Menu and search optimisation helps organise your search and makes finding what you want faster

Reviews and Testimonials

Lastly, we are constantly being sent messages from our customers who are thankful for the extra mile we go. We value our relationship with them and all the feedback we get, good or bad which is why we have set up product reviews on our site.

The product reviews help online shoppers get a better idea of which product will be suitable for them from people other than us.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.27.22 AM

We have also collected some of the messages we have been sent from customers over the recent years and put them together in one place. If you want to hear their stories you can visit >>

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 10.06.02 AM

So what’s next?

Cheap Sheds is always evolving and keeping up with the global trends so watch this space and see what we come up with next!


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