The Official Shed Game

The Official Shed Game


It’s the year 2060…. and storage problems are out of control! The human race is running around building ‘Shed Towers’ to ensure their mountains of possessions are safe and secure…

Well at least, this is what my team and I imagined after a discussion about the current storage problems people face. Thanks to the rise of consumerism, approximately 7 out of 10 households are struggling to find a place to store all their belongings. We are buying more and more things with no space to store them.

With this being a hot topic in our industry, we made the prediction that one day we will be building skyscraper storage sheds in suburban backyards. Maybe it’s a little far fetched but in true Cheap Sheds fashion, we took the concept to an entire new level (pardon the pun)…

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“The Official Shed Game”

That’s right! We have developed a Video Game you can play on your computer and soon on various other devices. I hear you asking ‘why’? Well we wanted to visualise the future and thought what better way to do so than to create an interactive building game. And being the first in our industry to release something of this magnitude we wanted to share it with you, our customers and community. We present it to you as a gift.

The Official Shed Game’ will entertain and challenge you and we hope you enjoy the experience of creating your own backyard skyscraper sheds.

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It may look simple but it is challenging. I myself have only reached level four but our developers have been in training and have at least completed it once.


Goal: The goal of the game is to place the shed blocks on top of each other and avoid the building from falling over.

Hints: It takes timing; well-placed blocks and balancing the moving tower to really get the game going.

Scoring: As you’re building the sheds, you get points for each block that is successfully placed and the neater the block is placed, the more points you get.

Bonus points: By placing blocks exactly on the top of each other will earn you bonus points!

Lives: Every time the building topples over, a life is lost and for every 2 levels completed you will received a bonus life.

Enjoy our gift and don’t forget, as part of our launch we are giving away Weekly Prizes to the top score winners. You could win a Mini IPad!

Click here to play game

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  • Krisztian says:

    I am still addicted to the Cheap Sheds Game, but I have to admit that others seem to be a lot better at it, than I am 😀

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