Stilla Sheds Factory Visit – Behind the Scenes

Stilla Sheds Factory Visit – Behind the Scenes


Would you love to see what happens behind the scenes in the Shed industry? I recently spent some time visiting our supplier’s factories and documenting how their products are produced and packed for the customer. Today I want to share some behind the scenes at the Stilla Sheds Factory.

We met the team and Chester the owner was kind enough to give us a tour around the factory.

Earlier this year I published an article about my visit to Spanbilt. This is one of our Steel Shed suppliers. And it was interesting to see how different the process was for Timber Sheds at Stilla.

So I am happy to share some of my photos and insights on how Stilla operates.

About Stilla

Stilla Sheds Factory - Stilla Sheds

So if you are not familiar with the brand Stilla, you will find they produce some of the most attractive, easy to install, and affordable Timber Sheds. They also import and distribute the all popular brands, Keter & Duramax Resin Sheds.

Stilla, is a family-owned and run company based in Brisbane, Queensland. They have been in business since 1985 and boy do they know sheds!

We chose to add them to our Cheap Sheds Family because of their great commitment to customers and outstanding products.

The Stilla Range

A quick recap on their range if you have not had a chance to check them out before.

The Stilla Timber Sheds

The self-branded timber sheds, The Stilla Range, is made from Canadian Western Red Cedar and the range includes,

They have designed the sheds to withstand the Australian weather. If the sheds are treated properly the timber will remain water-resistant, rot, and mould proof for a long time. The wood is also naturally termite resistant.

The Keter & Duramax Resin Sheds

They also expanded their range by offering beautiful Keter & Duramax outdoor storage units made in Israel. These are a growing trend in Australian backyards and it’s not hard to see why!

We have built some of their sheds before and you can watch how they are assembled here >>

The Stilla Factory

Now for a sneak peek behind the scenes.

The Stilla sheds are made from start to finish here at the Stilla sheds factory. In this photo, you can see a large shipment of raw Cedar Wood which is used to make the sheds.

Stilla Sheds Factory - timber

Stilla Sheds Factory - timber

The wood will then be measured and cut to size to then moved into the factory for assembly.

Stilla Sheds Factory - timber

Below is the workbench where they assemble the panels of the sheds. So the walls and doors etc.

Stilla Sheds Factory - panels

They are packed into kit sections, below are the parts for the roof.

Stilla Sheds Factory - timber roof parts

Big smiles from the factory managers to welcome us and show us around.

Here you can see the doors of the Timber Sheds ready to be packed.

Stilla Sheds Factory - door parts

This photo is of the Rebated Timber Floor kits. These are made for their Stilla range of Wooden Sheds. (They have recently upgraded the treated pine floorboards to the superior Yellow Tongue Flooring System. This is proving to be longer lasting than the previous system & doesn’t leave gaps between the planks as it expands & contracts with the weather conditions, making it vermin proof & easier to store on.)

Stilla Sheds Factory - timber floor kit

We also snapped a few photos of the pre-packed, ready to ship Keter products.

Anyone wanting a Keter shed? They are here waiting for you!

Stilla Sheds Factory - Keter

Stilla Sheds Factory - Keter

Here we have Chester, showing our Customer Service Manager how our Cheap Sheds orders are packed and sent.

Stilla Sheds Factory - Packing process

And that’s it, next they are loaded onto the trucks and sent off to your home.

I hope you enjoyed this quick sneak peek at the Stilla Sheds Factory. On my next visit, I will be sure to take some video of how they cut the wood and assemble the panels.

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