Rattan Furniture Popping Up in More Aussie Backyards

Rattan Furniture Popping Up in More Aussie Backyards


In order for your family to really enjoy outdoor patios and other areas designated for fun and relaxation, it’s important to choose the right type of furniture. There’s a growing trend among homeowners who want furnishings that are both durable and stylish. And Rattan furniture is often the choice to come out on top!

There are numerous benefits to traditional rattan furniture which accounts for its growing popularity when furnishing outdoor spaces.

  • Created from a renewable, natural fiber that is environmentally friendly
  • Attractive looking chairs, loungers, tables, sofas, bar stools, and benches

Rattan furniture also gives a relaxed, island feeling to any area in which it is placed.

Rattan is very durable, which means that any investment in rattan furniture lasts a long time. Outdoor furniture made using rattan is also very affordable and accommodating to any family’s decorating budget.

But thanks to modern technology a new form of Rattan furniture has emerged on the market and it’s got some extra attractive features…

Resin Rattan Furniture

Resin rattan furniture goes a step beyond traditional rattan, offering the most durable furniture for families with pets and children who tend to use their backyard areas on a regular basis.

Resin rattan:

  • Offers superior resistance to the damaging effects of sunlight and water- Won’t crack or fade
  • Is very comfortable and has a cool feeling against the skin even when summer temperatures are at their hottest
  • Is surprisingly lightweight

This means that they don’t only look good but they are easy to move around the home if cleaning or relocating the furniture to create a different look.

Resin rattan furniture is very easy to keep clean. It can be quickly sprayed with a water hose and allowed to air dry or dry cleaned with a dust cloth or stiff brush to easily remove surface dirt. They are so low in maintenance and durable that they will keep looking good for a lifetime.

There is a huge range of products on the market to choose from, outdoor settings, planter boxes, storage cupboards, and seats, etc

Rattan Furniture - outdoor

Rattan Furniture - vase

Rattan Furniture - storage

Rattan Furniture - loungers

Whether you choose traditional rattan furniture or resin rattan, you can be sure your investment will last for a long time, adding style and comfort to any backyard entertainment area where you need seating or table space.

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