Laying a Concrete Slab for Your Easy Shed

Laying a Concrete Slab for Your Easy Shed



Garden shed kits do not normally come with a floor base.   Once put up, you’d basically have the roof and the walls and the shed’s floor would be where you place it after the assembly.  You may sit your shed on a soft surface like the ground or grass and anchor it down with anchor pegs.  You could also use pavers or small stones for your base.  However, it is recommended to have a concrete slab for your shed’s base to make your shed more durable as it already is.

There are some handy tips on laying down a concrete slab for your garden shed that you might want to read before you start preparing yours.  The purpose of rebated section on the slab is to avoid water getting into your EasySHED.  Recommended slab size should be 50mm-100mm larger than your shed’s external dimensions.  Rebated section will be 50mm less than the external dimensions.  Depth of the rebate should be 20mm.  A good illustration is laying a slab for a 3m x 3m shed.  Slab size should be around 3.05m or 3.1m, depending on your preference.  The rebated area should then be 2.95m x 2.95m.

Below is a detailed rebated slab dimensions and recommended anchor sets for EasySHED models:EasyShed Rebated DimensionsIf laying a slab is not for you we do have other options for you. Check them out here>>


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