Cheap Sheds is Always Improving Your Online Shopping Experience

Cheap Sheds is Always Improving Your Online Shopping Experience


With so many retailers flocking online during and since the pandemic, the marketplace is becoming so cluttered and confusing. It is hard to know which retailers are legitimate, which products are reliable, and if you can trust them.

Retailers are in such a rush to get online and take your money they are forgetting the key element in the sacred relationship between retailer and customer…

Customer Service

Cheap Sheds, however, have been around since the inception of online retail and have spent countless hours, days, and years, focusing on providing customers with the best shopping experience possible.

We launched Cheap Sheds 0.1 about 14 years ago and earlier this year we have bought you Cheap Sheds 5.0 earlier ( Yes! That’s right this is the 5th version of our store in 14 years!).

We are always adapting.

We have always put YOU, the customer, at the forefront of our business model to ensure you are getting the best quality products and the best online shopping experience, which is not only easy and informative but enjoyable. Many things we do will go unnoticed as they are technical improvements which make shopping with us run smoothly but there are many outstanding features which set us apart from other retailers, such as our:

  • Smoother navigation systems
  • Helpful articles and videos
  • We have an easy checkout system
  • MORE and up-to-date payment option
  • Quality range of storage solutions and informative info on pages
  • Best contact methods and REAL people serving on chat and over the phone

We have just launched our new and improved website design which again we kept, you the customer in mind through each new development.

What’s more with Cheap Sheds 0.5 We tried to make sure it is still super familiar but packed with the best practices for 2022 shopping online.

Here are some of the new or updated features, which make shopping at Cheap Sheds unique and different:


Super modern and relevant to our brand we bring you the new logo of our store:

New but Familiar Layout

It’s chic, professional and much easier on the eye. You can now navigate our website more easily and feel at home in a clean and simple design.

Homepage shortcuts

Shed Colours on Product Pages

You can see and select which colour shed you want now by the colors chart so you are sure you have selected the right colour for you ( even if you don’t know there names!)

Mega Menu

This is an oldie but a goodie still. We have a drop-down easy breakdow of our categories to help navigate the option better.


Many people get frustrated at the 10-step checkout process some retailers have on their sites. It is time consuming, irritating and what’s worse… if there is an error in the process, you generally have to start again. This is why we simplified our process to have it done all in one go to make sure we don’t waste your time.


Online Customer Chat

This is still on our website and our team man it during the day normally 8am – 8pm EST so you can drop by with your questions. You can also leave a question post 8pm and they will get back to you the next day 🙂

Help Centre

This is our pride and joy and we are so excited to launch our ‘Help Centre’. This is the go-to centre for any information you require regarding storage solutions for the home or backyard, our products, your city recommendations, info about the shed and DIY industry, tips and so much more. You will be able to browse our video and article library, helpful apps and news etc.

Customer Reviews & Photos

Always good to know what others are saying about our products. We 100% stand by our products and quality so we believe to remain as transparent as possible so you can see how various customers found the DIY and quality of the sheds.

We also understand we are not everyone’s ‘cup-of-tea’, so best to let you decide if we are the right solution for you!

You can read reviews on all the product pages as well as read our review/story page with photos too!

We have invited our customers to leave reviews about our products on the website which you can see on the product pages. This will help you get a better idea of our products from people other than ourselves.

On top of that you can visit our customer story library of photos and stories of there experiences in more details.

Assembly videos and articles

Detailed information about our products to help you understand them better and put them up without a hitch.

AND many more features. We are always working to improve our website with our ever-changing digital world.

Why not check out our website and let us know what you think!

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