A Fathers Shed is His Castle

A Fathers Shed is His Castle


Every shed has its stories… even your Dads ol’ shed. The metallic smell of petrol, the oil stains in the back corner from when he fixed your bike, the wonky shelf you both built for your year 8 project- the memories are everywhere. Neatly laid out and hung up are his tools, some new, some old and some are so ancient you are not even sure what they are. And in the far right corner sits his pride and joy, his model aeroplanes.

Gavin Fathers day opic

Not every shed is the same… but every shed has its stories and special ‘boys toys’. It is a quiet place for him to think, to tinker and make a mess; it is a place where Dad is in charge… this is his castle. Celebrating all Dads and their Castles – this Fathers day



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