Yuvensius Santoso – Backyard Shed – Absco Premier PE30301GK 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt

Yuvensius Santoso – Backyard Shed – Absco Premier PE30301GK 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt


Name: Yuvensius Santoso
Location: Auburn NSW
Type Of Shed: Absco Premier PE30301GK 3m x 3m Pale Eucalypt




I needed an outdoor storage space to store my garden stuffs and other things that I do not use frequently. I have actually already had a storage which could be used as a self-contained unit, but I could not use utilise it as a self-contained unit because of the garden stuffs that I have still in it.

I starting to search around for the shed and went to Stratco and Bunnings to see what is available and to see the space and how much I need to spend. Based on this then I went to search in the internet. It comes us with few options. Your company is one of them and one of the cheapest one. I made a few quick phone calls to inquiry about the sheds and what included in it. Your company responded very well and other company did not. With that kind of assurance, I made my decision to purchase from your company. While waiting for the product to arrive, I made few more phone calls to ask questions that I forgot to ask before and with enthusiasm, your staff, Maria in particular, responded very friendly and very efficient. I remember I asked a question but she did not know the answer and she promised to call me back. She did call me back with the answer. I am very surprise with it. Normally when you bought something from internet, you will not expect this kind of service.

The delivery is quite fast and I am kept informed that it has been sent to the delivery company and will be delivery in few days. Indeed in arrived few days later.

The installation is simple and easy. I even asked my daughters and my wife to help me to install them. I am happy with the product I bought and the service I have received.

I will not hesitate to recommend anyone to purchase the shed from you and I will definitely buy from your company again if I ever need another shed.

Now I can store my garden stuffs in the shed and I can utilise my other storage as a self-contained unit as intended.

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