Why Choose Cedar Garden Sheds

Why Choose Cedar Garden Sheds


Cedar Sheds are just one type of  garden sheds you can find in today’s storage market. Everyone has a different taste and style, which is why there are always hundreds of options available.

Cedar offers a classic and natural design which blends in with its garden surroundings. If you have a lush garden one of these will certainly look the part amongst the plants.

They also make popular studies, offices and hobby rooms because they have a warm and comfortable ‘zen’ to them compared to cold steel.

But lets find out more about Cedar and its properties which makes it so ideal for homes.

Cedar is a popular timber used in manufacturing sheds because of its properties. Cedar Sheds Defined:


An extremely beautiful and durable timber. Naturally insulating and the natural oils have a delightful aroma. Repels insects.

Often used for furniture, cubbies and Sheds.




Cedar Shed Industries

Cedar Shed Industries is one of a few Australian manufacturers who specialises in creating unique and innovative Cedar garden sheds. It is a family owned business in Melbourne. It has been producing some of the best cedar sheds for over 29 years.  From small storage sheds and kids cubby house to outdoor retreats and offices.

About Their Products

Top features:

  • ProtectaFoil insulation foil
  • The top grade steel roof and
  • The Strengthening Internal pine frame
  • The wall panels also come pre-made for easy assembly
  • All cedar buildings come with 12-month structural warranty

Cedar Shed products come flat packed as DIY Kits and are very easy to assemble. All parts like wall panels the roof, optional windows and parts are included in the kit. You can even add a timber floor to their products to complete the package.

Cedar sheds are truly beautiful and come in different shapes and sizes. From a small neat and attractive firewood storage house to a large cabin like garden shed which can be turned into an office or guest house.

Possibilities are endless and the impact one of these Cedar sheds has on a garden or backyard is magical. Its existence and mystery of what’s inside will become a talking point amongst your friends and neighbours.


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