why buy durabilt garage

It is quite a common for people to have external garages for their home. Instead of relying on their bricks and mortar garages they are able to purchase, top quality steel garages for their home. Gone are the days where brick and mortar garages were your only choice.

Our lifestyles have changed and some families are finding that their existing garages cannot accommodate their cars, large ‘toys’ and storage needs any longer… so it’s time to expand.

The only problem is, with Australian suburban homes we do not have a lot of space to spare which is why Durabuilt came out with what they call the “Garage Shed”

The Garage Shed range has been designed to cater for people who require a large storage solution for their car, boat, trailer or other large items.

They offer storage large enough to store a car but still small enough that it doesn’t take up unnecessary room. It is not classified as a garage.

DIY Steel Garage Sheds are incredibly popular because it’s a cost effective option and you can put them up yourself to save on labouring costs. They have been designed for easy assembly, with you in mind.

Garages all feature the following:

  • 2 wide doors on the short end for easy car entry & single hinged personal access door
  • A gable roof for extra height
  • 3 different heights to choose from 1.8m, 1.98m and 2.1m
  • 24 colours to choose from
  • A large range of accessories to customise your garage shed and
  • 20 years warranty

These products are great and we highly recommend them if you are after some larger but affordable storage solutions for you home.



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