What’s Hot And What’s Not: Interesting Garden Trends

What’s Hot And What’s Not: Interesting Garden Trends


Lately I have been coming across some interesting garden trends. Some are old and some are new, but to classify “what’s hot and what’s not” in gardening and landscaping trends is about as predictable as the weather. So, I thought I’d let you review my top 6 picks and you can decide ‘what’s hot’ and ‘what’s not’.

The reason why I have chosen these 6 trends is because in 2012 we have become more focused on developing creative, comfortable and easy outdoor living spaces. We are extending our homes into the garden and vise verse.

Glow Rocks Now Lighting Up The Outdoors

Can you transform you driveway into the Milky Way? Well it seems that you can with these funky glow stones. They have been around for a few years and have been very popular in the US. However, they are quickly gaining more and more attention here in Australia as their potential is being realized. I do like the idea but would prefer it for smaller scale projects like glow in the dark house numbers or a subtle edging around the pool. It also looks great indoors for counter tops.

If you are interested in this neat idea, it’s as easy as calling your local concrete contractor and making an enquiry. Here are a few contacts I have already sourced for you.

Rhys’s Concreting, WA
Contact: Rhys Steinhouse
PH: 0421 222 163 Email: [email protected]

Concrete Driveways Adelaide, SA
Contact: Andrew Saliba
PH: 0400066651 (this guy was great, responded within half a day)

PopConcrete Brisbane, QLD
Contact: Sami Jarvela
PH: 0431 476 292
Email: [email protected]\



The Art Of Topiary

According to the Oxford dictionary the definition for Topiary is ‘the art or practice of clipping shrubs or trees into ornamental shapes’. For dedicated gardeners this is not only a challenge but a lot of fun. If you are aiming to bring some creativity into your garden then this is one way to do it. I can see why people are attracted to this kind of gardening however as the definition outlines it is an art which means you need to spend time and effort to achieve the results. For more information on how to get started in this form of art visit: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s1914252.htm

Out of The Ordinary Accessories

I am yet to see one of these in Australian gardens but these kind of ornaments are all the rage in the US and UK. Combat garden gnomes, stones with a human eyes peering out of them, ceramic pots used to design features and jean cut offs as pots plants! If you have any interesting items in your back yards please feel free to share them with us. Would love to share them with the group.

Fire Pits Instead of Fire Places

Most of us enjoy the activity of sitting around a fire and sharing stories with friends or family, well the good news is now you can bring this experience into your own backyard. Fire pits are great for socialising and creating atmosphere. You can create these settings in various ways which look stylish and manageable. I really love this idea and it’s a classic replacement for those gas heaters we currently use.

You can DYI or get a contractor to put one together for you.
CAUTION: You do need to give it some thought and do some planning. Remember, if you are in Australia we have some harsh weather conditions and a high risk of fires in some seasons and states, so keep it in mind when choosing a location. Also be aware of the laws regarding open fires in your backyard so check with your council before going ahead.

Miniature Gardens In A Jar

This concept is brining the outdoors, indoors. ‘Better homes and Gardens’ revealed that many people are creating Terrariums which are miniature gardens or ‘fairy gardens’ in a jar that you can keep indoors. It certainly is an upgrade from the standard indoor plants or lucky bamboos we usually have. Learn to make your own: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/houseplants/care/make-a-terrarium/

Vertical Gardens

This one is for the foodie’s and chefs out here. It has been dubbed ‘The Kitchen Garden’. Now, I know you are saying, “We already know we can grow our herbs indoors”, but have you realised we can grow them vertically? Check this one out. We can create herb gardens on our kitchen walls! I am a big believer that it is always best to cook with fresh herbs, so I am a big fan of this one.And it doesn’t stop at herbs; you can create vertical wall pieces for inside and outside. Visit the following webpage to see how you can create one yourself:

If you have already created some of these masterpieces in your homes or if you are planning one, I would love to see the photos and hear your stories.

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