The economy is going through some tough times and so are consumers, which is why everyone is looking for a bargain. In conjunction with this trend, the shed market is bursting with new suppliers, new online stores, new products and ranges. Prices are being cut left right and centre so that the seller with the lowest price gets your money!

Sounds great for the consumer doesn’t it? WRONG! The market place is so cluttered and competitive it has become hard to tell which products or suppliers you can trust with your money. That’s why Cheap Sheds has decided to cut through the clutter.

Cheap Sheds is already a reputable company offering guaranteed top quality products, so we just had to find a way to bring customers who are a bit tight on cash… a super low, affordable shed. So we have introduced our very own product range called…



As the name suggests, these sheds are economical in price but we have made sure that they are still manufactured with the greatest care and built to withstand the Australian climate. Thrifty Sheds are the more affordable option for the everyday Australians looking for small to medium storage solutions.

They are the best bargain you can trust online.

As mentioned before and in numerous articles the market is being flooded with cheap imports and dodgy suppliers and we often get calls from people who bought inferior products from other suppliers. Cay reached out to us recently who unfortunately is a victim of this problem:

Cay post


This is why we are listening to your demands and introducing this new range, which is:

  • Now our cheapest (in their size categories)
  • Manufactured from top grade good quality steel
  • Australian made
  • Comes with 10 years warranty

You can now save money but feel safe you are getting the right product made for your Australian backyard. At the moment we have 5 sheds in the range but watch out we are quickly expanding it to include more options Current products:

Thrifty Shed 3m x 3m Gable Roof Double Door Zinc Shed

Thrifty Shed 3m x 3m

Thrifty Shed 3m x 2.25m Gable Roof Double Door Zinc Shed

Thrifty Shed 3m x 2.25m










Thrifty Shed 3m x 1.5m Gable Roof Double Door Zinc Shed

Thrifty Shed 3m x 1.5m

Thrifty Shed 3m x 0.75m Flat Roof Double Door Zinc Shed

Thrifty Shed 3m x 0.75m










Thrifty Shed 2.25m x 1.5m Skillion Roof Single Door Zinc Shed

Thrifty Shed 2.25m x 1.5m


So if you have been so confused on where to purchase your next shed and been looking for a bargain which is safe, check out the Thrifty Sheds at Cheap Sheds.

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